Top 10 Best Vibration Plate Reviews

Top 10 Best Vibration Plates

Whether you are a complete newbie to the world of vibration exercise machines, know a little or have become an avid user – we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to All Vibration Plates.

We look at the best vibration machine reviews and how these are incredible tools are excellent for losing weight, fat loss muscle toning and more.

Confidence Fitness Full Body Vibration Trainer

  • An Amazons Choice
  • Over 2000 Reviews
  • Easy To Use
  • Extremely Versatile

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Rock Solid 3D Whole Body Vibration Platform

  • Over 175 Reviews
  • As Seen On TV
  • Full 3D Vibration
  • Reputable Brand

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Hurtle Fitness Vibration Workout Platform

  • Over 325 Reviews
  • Perfect on a Budget
  • Small & Compact
  • Versatile Design

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Best Vibration Machine Reviews

Our Top 10 Best Vibration Machines At a Glance

Ancheer USB Speaker Fitness Message Vibration Plate

[ Our #1 Choice ]

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  • Offers 0 to 180 levels
  • Comes with a remote control and 2 Resistance Bands
  • Non-slip and massaging foot pads
  • 5 Built-in programs
Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform

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  • 99 Vibration Levels
  • 2 Resistance Bands Provided in the package
  • Remote control and extra-large backlit LCD display
Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

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  • Slim and convenient
  • User-friendly
  • Ideal for home use
  • Reasonable price
  • Improves muscle strength
Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout

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  • Small and compact
  • Portable, can be easily stored under the bed or arm chair
  • Easy to use, no assembly required
  • Can be used for both simple or advanced workouts
NexHT Fitness Vibration Platform

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  • Deep vibration options
  • Comes with yoga straps, and remote control to maximize your workouts
  • compact and lightweight to use anywhere
  • Built in USB speakers

Our Best Vibration Plate Reviews

On our site you’ll learn all you need to know about vibration machines & vibration plate exercises – what they are, the different types of vibration plates there are on the market, vibration plate weight loss and how they can help you, why you should consider switching to one for your daily exercise routines and a whole host of reviews of what we feel are the best vibrating exercise machines.

First things first…

What Are Vibration Exercise Machines?

Vibration plates (also known as whole body vibration machines) are the latest addition to the category of passive exercise machines because of the very low impact workout they provide you with.  They generally consist of a solid vibrating platform on top of plates that vibrate vigorously. 

These vigorous vibrations send signals to the brain that essentially trick it into believing that you are falling over and therefore tell the muscles in your body to contract to balance you and stop you falling.  As your muscles get nothing more than a split second to relax, the vibrations from the plates stimulate the same movements on a cellular level that occur when your muscles contract and relax when you are taking part in real physical activity, which can help with weight loss and muscle toning, all thanks to whole body vibration plates.

Vibration Machine Reviews

The major difference is of course, that the number of muscle reflexes in a second when using a vibrating exercise machine can be anything from 30 to 50 – a lot more than what occurs during a more traditional routine or workout.

That right there is one of the reasons why the best vibration machines are so popular – they give your whole body a serious workout without requiring a lot of your energy or your time.  In fact, the average session time using a vibrating plate exerciser is just 10 minutes, no more no less.

Understanding The Difference Between Types Of Vibration Plates

When you start shopping for vibration plates, you will notice that two different names for machines will come up every time – oscillating plate and vertical plates.  These are essentially the two most common types of vibrating plate designs that you will come across. 

You can be forgiven for thinking that the scientific theory and practice behind how these machines work is dull and unappealing, but knowing better how they work could actually have a profound effect on the kind of results you will experience.

What Are Oscillating Vibration Machines?

In oscillating vibration plate machines, the plates are normally resting on a pivotal point, in a very similar way to a see-saw.  This means that if you’re standing on an oscillating plate with your feet spread apart, one side raises while the other side drops. The movements instigated by an oscillating plate will cause your body to jiggle.

What Are Vertical Vibration Plates?

As the technology required to deliver the vertical vibration utilized by vertical vibration machines is more complicated, the machines have a higher production cost, that effects the retail value as well. Vertical vibration exercise machines work by creating a balanced and controlled up and down movement.

Generally speaking, oscillating vibration fitness machines appear to be far more popular than vertical plate models, whether it is in gyms and health salons or the kind people buy for their own home, predominately because of their lower price tags. 

However, discussions and debates still rage on about which of the two machines is actually better.  Many studies have proven that both kinds of vibration machines are great at helping you to build and tone your muscles and lose weight while doing so. However, the jury is out on whether one is actually better than the other.

Now that we have discussed a little about how vibe plates work and the different types available, it is worth looking at the benefits that come from using them as this is the main reason why you are looking into owning one in the first place.

Some of the Best Benefits Of Vibration Exercise Machines

Whenever there is a new type of exercise or exercise equipment released, there is always a certain degree of hype surrounding it.  With the hype, comes the celebrity endorsements and vibrating fitness machines are no different.  Actress Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer and the queen of pop herself, Madonna, have all lent their names and images to vibration plates – even going so far as to claim that their shapely bodies are a result of using these cutting-edge machines.

Health Benefits of Vibration Plates

It would be easy to dismiss the hype surrounding whole body vibration as an effective form of exercise if it weren’t for the fact that the hype is more than just hype.  When used properly, exercising with a vibration plate could help you to burn more calories and lose more weight in less time and using less energy than you would working out for the same duration of time following a more traditional workout.

The truly astonishing thing is that the benefits of using vibration machines go beyond decreasing the amount of time you need to exercise for and increasing the number of calories you burn and weight you lose. Some of the many other benefits include:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Better stability and coordination
  • Better bone mineral density
  • Greater strength
  • Better developed, stronger and more toned muscles

The positive effects that using vibration plates to exercise with have on muscle growth also makes them an ideal component of rehabilitation therapy for anyone who has suffered from a long-term illness or serious injury.

Key Technical Specifications of Vibrating Exercise Machines Explained

Vibration Machines Does It WorkIf you have looked at any of the reviews on this site or looked at whole body vibration machine reviews elsewhere, you will probably be aware that the descriptions of these machines usually contain technical information including terms such as power ratings, amplitude and frequency. 

It can be quite tricky to understand what the jargon means, especially if you are not familiar with the machine, let alone understanding the effect these specifications have on your workouts and the results you can achieve. A lot of people also wonder if vibration machines are safe to use, the answer is of course yes.

We feel it is important to get to grips with some of the jargon and what it means, to ensure you make a more educated choice when you eventually invest in a vibration plate.

Motor Power Rating

In order for vibration plates to generate the required pulsating energy to your muscles, they need to be powered by a motor.  The majority of manufacturers state the power rating of their machines in either HP (horsepower) or W (watts).  Simply put, the bigger a power rating a motor has, the better it will be at handling heavy use while it delivers the necessary power to vibrate the plates at suitably high amplitudes.

The Amplitude

The amplitude is the distance the plates travel from the lowest to the highest point, also described as the maximum extent of the plate’s vibrations.  Thanks to a greater extent of movement, machines with higher levels of amplitude are able to deliver more intense workouts. 

The amplitude is almost always measured in mm, but many machines will either have the option for variable or fixed amplitude.  Some of the pricier vibration plate models allow you to change the amplitude level to either increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise sessions.

The Frequency Range

The frequency range of a fitness vibration machine is the value that indicates how fast the machine can vibrate its plates in terms of impulses per second.  The rule of thumb to follow is – the wider a frequency range a machine has, the better the machine will be at most vibration plate exercises.  The reason being, the increased force from the vibration plate will help and encourage you to exercise better.

Size Of Plate

The size of plates a vibration machine uses determines how much space you will have on the vibration plates standing platform. 

Therefore, the rule is – the bigger and wider the plate, the more space and more exercises you can comfortably perform on the platform.  The downside is that a bigger plate will require a bigger and stronger motor to power it properly, which in turn will mean that the machine will be more expensive.

Additional Features And Vibration Machine Accessories

As well as the above technical specifications, you should also pay close attention to the extra features and vibration machine accessories that come with the vibrating exercisers you are interested in buying.  Some fat loss vibration plates for example, comes with flexible resistance straps for your arms that you can use for working out your upper body. 

While others may include special features on the control panel and digital display such as BMI registers and calorie counters, in addition to the standard metrics of vibration speed, workout time, and programme selection.

Before you part with your hard earned cash for one of these exciting and powerful whole body vibration fitness machines though, you should ensure that it comes with a reasonable warranty to cover your back.

Can Vibration Plates Really Help Lose Weight & Burn Calories?

There are a lot of big claims by various companies and websites about the kind of results & health benefits you can expect when using vibration plates.  Some claim you can burn 100s of calories just from standing for 10 minutes a day with vibration machines.  As we live in a day and age with so many fitness scams around, any vibration machine that comes with bold claims that it can give you better-toned muscles, make you slimmer and stronger and doesn’t require you to use much effort needs to be looked at carefully.

Although it may seem like you are not doing very much at all just standing on a platform while it vibrates, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes with how it works, as we have discussed further up the page, a lot more is going on than you may realize. 

When the vibration machines start to work, your body reacts and tries to keep you stable on an unstable platform to prevent you from falling off the machine.  In order to do this your body contracts and relaxes muscles repeatedly and as muscle reflexes require energy to do this, your body really is burning off calories while you are standing on a vibration plate, like the Vibrapower slim, Vibrapower disc 2 or other vibration plates.

How Many Calories Can A Vibration Plate Actually Help You To Burn Off?

According to research, when vibrations are directed at your body, rather than the 40% to 60% of your muscle fibers activated during traditional forms of exercise, almost a full 100% of fibers are engaged.  To put this another way, this means that you are able to burn off more calories in less time training with a vibration plate than you are able to perform other types of exercise.

Although the currently available information proves that you can lose weight and burn calories using whole body vibration machines, there is not enough concrete to suggest a specific number of calories.  This has a lot to do with the fact that there are various variables involved in calculating how many calories are burned.  These variables include things such as workout intensity, fitness level, gender, height and age.

Along with these factors, you also need to think about the actual science of how vibration plates work, which we mention in each of our whole body vibration machine reviews.  As with any form of resistance training, you burn fat during the post-workout period after you have finished your session while your worn out and torn muscle tissue is being repaired.  Taking this into consideration with the variables mentioned and what is known as the after-burn effect, you could expect to bur around 200 to 500 calories during a full 30-minute workout using a vibration plate.

Now that we know what they do, how they do it, some of the jargon explained and the truth that they can burn off calories; we will now look at what we feel are the five best vibration plates available on the market today.