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If you have already read our vibration plate reviews and bought a vibration machine for working out at home then you are sure to be excited at the idea of using it to look and feel a lot better.

Yet, could you get even more benefits from it by using it together with some smart accessories? The truth is that there are some excellent vibration plates accessories out there that could help you to enjoy working out in the way that best suits you.

The following are some of the most useful accessories that are well worth considering right now. By choosing the right ones you will go a long way towards adding greater variety and excitement to your exercises from now on.

A1 (LARGE) Medicarn ® Power Vibration Plate Workout Exercise Poster

This big Medicarn exercise poster has been designed with basic users and beginners in mind. It may have been put together with gyms and exercise salons as the target locations but it could look great on your wall at home and come in very handy there too.

The large A1 size and full colour printing of this poster mean that it really catches the eye. It covers 16 of the most common ways of working out on a vibration plate exercise machine, meaning that you can add a huge amount of variety to your exercise routine from now on.

It is worth noting that the exercises on this poster have been created with Medicarn’s own vibration plates machines in mind but work equally well with the majority of other models on the market too.

If you are wondering how to make the most of your exercise machine then this vibration plate workout poster will be a big help.

Exercise Fitness Ball by TNP Accessories

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It is clear that the more variety you can add to your exercising time the better. This is why it is highly recommended that you try out some different ways of moving your body while you are on your vibration plates machine.

An interesting way of doing this is by choosing an exercise ball like this one from TNP Accessories as a vibration plate accessory. It is ideal for improving balance, coordination and muscle tone while you work out.

This is an anti burst model that is rated as being highly durable. User weight of up to 135 kg (298 lbs) can be safely handled and it will add a lot of fun and yoga postures to your exercises.

If you have never before used this type of fitness ball then you should find that it adds a lot of extra pleasure and variety to the experience when you work out at home.

Resistance Loop Bands – Set of 4 Premium Exercise Bands by Starwood Sports

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A very simple way of adding something interesting to your workouts while boosting the difficult level is by using resistance bands like these. They are suitable for both men and women regardless of current fitness levels.

This is a smart approach to getting a full body workout that really makes you feel stronger and fitter over time. You can either use the coloured bands individually or else use them together for even more effect.

By doing this you will get a more versatile and intense workout on your vibration plates device. They are 12″ (30 cm) long and 2″ (5 cm) wide. Made of durable and long-lasting latex, they will last for years without losing their form and elasticity.

Of course, since these resistance bands are so easy to transport you can use them at home or when you go to the gym. This set includes four of them, with the different colours indicating the level of resistance offered in each case.

TTLIFE Exercise Resistance Bands

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With versatile and convenient resistance bands like these, working out and getting fitter is easier than ever before. You get 5 different bands (some people call them resistance tubes) that give varying levels of resistance and that can be used separately or else together in different combinations.

This means that they are suitable for any fitness needs and whatever your needs are. They are extremely lightweight and portable, meaning that you can use them to add excitement and variety to your routines wherever you go.

Included in the TTLIFE Exercise Resistance Bands set are accessories such as a door anchor attachment, 2 ankle straps, a carrying pouch and a couple of foam handles. If you are planning to use them as vibration plates accessories then this will do a terrific job in getting you feeling wonderfully strong and fit quicker.

These are strong and high quality resistance bands that are made of natural latex with good padding and solid metal hooks. Just choose the right colour of band for the intensity of workout that you want to get each time.

Powerspin Evo Arm, Tricep and Shoulder Workout, Abdominal Home Exerciser and Bingo Wings Exerciser

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This interesting piece of exercise equipment is ideal for use either as a vibration plates accessory or else as a stand-alone way of working out at home. The Powerspin is something that is a good choice for someone who wants to really focus on honing their arms, shoulders and abs.

There are 6 exercises you can carry out with it and it is very easy to get started with from the first time that you pick it up. You just need to get it in your hands and then spin, with each 6 seconds of use giving you powerful benefits.

This is a fascinating new isometric based exercise device that has been shown to be highly effective and efficient and boosting strength in the parts of the body that it targets. It is suggested that you can use it for just 6 minutes a day to see rapid improvement in muscle growth.

The product comes with a DVD, making it incredibly easy to get started with it without any problems or delay.

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