Losing Weight with Vibration Plates | Can You Lose Weight with Vibration Plates?

Are you losing weight with vibration plates?

The idea of finding an easy and effective way of losing weight is something that gets us all excited. Yet, doesn’t it usually turn out that the miracle weight loss promised never really happens?

Anyone who has tried and failed to lose weight in the past probably approaches any new ideas in this respect with a lot of caution. However, the number of people who speak enthusiastically about the benefits of vibration plates ensure that this is a possible weight loss method worth taking into account.

This is a passive form of exercise that started off as an activity to help astronauts stay in shape when in space and that has now been embraced by people all over the world. It is fair to say that it has also worked wonders for many people in helping them to lose weight without making any huge efforts or sacrifices.

losing weight with vibration plates

The Easy Approach

The way that vibration machines work means that this is an easy and relaxing approach for anyone who wants to lose weight with suffering in the process. In its simplest form, exercising with one of these machines involves simply standing on the plates and letting them send energy through your body.

This forces your body’s muscles to contract involuntarily in order for you to keep your balance, although you aren’t at any real risk of falling over anyway. The lack of effort involved means that it looks as though it is a very easy and laid-back way of exercising but how well does it work?

Burn Off Calories

The first point to consider here is that this has been shown as being an efficient way of burning off calories. The exact amount of calories that will be used up in this way will differ according to the way the machine is used and the person’s own fitness and weight, among other factors.

In addition, the amount of calories burned off increases when the user also carries out some sort of activity on the plates, rather than standing still. Vibration plates have been shown in studies to help users to lose weight more effectively than through just dieting or carrying out other types of exercise.

Among the useful studies in this area is the one from Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium that over 60 overweight or obese volunteers lose weight in this way, outperforming the volunteers who were dieting over a six month period.

It is a subject that was also discussed at the 2009 European Congress on Obesity. In this case, the evidence pointed to the beneficial effects of vibration plates when compared to other popular methods of losing weight.

It Won’t Take Over Your Life

Of course, a big problem with trying to lose weight is that it can end up feeling that the attempt to do so takes over your life. Spending hours counting calories or going to the gym is something that could make you worry that you are becoming obsessed with this matter.

Therefore, it is great to see that with vibrating plates you can lose weight without it being a huge burden on your time. By just adding a modest amount of exercise time to your life you can start to see impressive results before too long.

This means that you can feel better about your figure without it feeling as though you have had to put the rest of your life on hold in order to achieve the changes.

How to Lose More Weight

As we have seen, there is an option of just standing on the plates and letting them do all of the hard work. While this is sure to be a tempting option at times, there are other approaches that can help you to lose more weight than this.

Standing on one of these machines for 10 minutes at a time 3 or 4 times a week will help you to feel stronger and lose weight. However, by taking other factors into account more impressive results can be obtained.

For instance, by starting to eat more healthily and adopting a more active lifestyle you will give your vibrating plates machine a helping hand when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals. This could prove to the way to getting a great new lifestyle that leaves you looking and feeling fantastic in the months and years to come.

In addition, the best results are obtained by working out on the plates instead of standing still. By carrying out controlled exercises that get you moving you will get more of the benefits that these machines offer.

Ideally, you will carry out fairly intense exercises on the machine for between 15 and 30 minutes up to 4 times a week. Some manufacturers advertise it as a 10 minute workout but those extra minutes that you dedicate to it could make all the difference.

Combine with Other Exercises

One of the great things about vibration plates is that they get your whole boy moving and working. This means that it helps you to hone different areas as well as lose weight.

Having said that, it is far better to incorporate one of these machines into a wider training routine rather than relying solely upon this approach. Certainly, you will feel fitter and stronger after using it for a while, but vibration plates won’t get your heart racing in the way that aerobic exercises do.

Therefore, it makes sense to plan your exercise routine by taking into account this machine while also using other working out methods to give you the fitness levels that you crave.

Summary of Vibration Plates & Weight Loss

There is no denying that vibration plates offer an exciting and effective way of losing weight when used properly. If you have been looking for a way to get a slimmer figure then trying out one of these excellent machines could be exactly what you need.

You won’t want to depend purely upon this workout method to achieve your weight loss goals but it is a terrific start. Indeed, by using vibration plates for just a few minutes at a time then you could soon get a glimpse of a newer, healthier life that encourages you to make more changes in the future.

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