How Do Vibration Machine Work? A Closer Look

Do Vibration Machines Work

The first time that you see vibration plates in action you are sure to be intrigued by them. This modern workout method is fascinating to watch and it might seem as though the person doing the exercising isn’t doing a lot more than simply standing still.

As well as being increasingly popular in gyms worldwide, vibration machines are also now used by many people at home too. You may also have discovered about them through some of the celebrities who have publicly stated their love of vibration plates.

Therefore you’re probably left wondering if they work, how they work and whether one of them could be the best option for your home exercise needs.

How To Use a Vibration Machine

The Long List of Vibration Excercise Benefits

We’ll get started on this by looking at the list of vibration plate benefits offered by these devices as the benefits are linked to the way that vibrating plates work. Interestingly, these devices are linked to increased strength, weight loss, strong bones, better balance, more flexibility and a range of other useful benefits.

They can also provide other interesting benefits such as reducing cellulite and making you feel happier and more stress-free.

How can a simple exercise machine give you all of these things? The way that they work your muscles means that you will gain a huge number of benefits that leave you feeling stronger and fitter than ever before.

Do Vibration Machines Work?

Benefits of Vibration Machines

Vibration machines work in such a clever and highly effective way that they can give you all of the positive effects of working out, plus a few more. To put it simply, they work by sending out a constant series of fast vibrations to your body.

What this does is make your muscles move involuntarily, as your brain is fooled into thinking that you are off balance. This isn’t really the case, but by causing this reaction your vibration machine is able to give you an effective workout and help you lose weight, along other benefits.

Known as vibration fitness training the different muscles in your body react and contract up to 50 times every second this is an intense style of workout that helps to burn calories and strengthen muscles.

Of course, this is a basic overview of how they work, and there are a few different types of machine with varying functions that need to be taken into account such as the Confidence Fitness whole body vibration plate and the smaller Rock Solid oscillating vibration plate.

Oscillating vs. Vertical Machines Compared

Having looked at these two different machines it seems only natural that you want to compare them in order to discover which one is going to be best for your own needs. The bad news is that it is pretty much impossible to do a direct comparison and get a clear winner.

This is partly because of a lack of research into the subject leaving us with scarce data to rely upon. Even fitness industry experts are divided on the matter, with different opinions offered on these machines by the experts.

Oscillating Vibrating Motion Machine

In this case, the device involves plates that oscillate around a central pivot point. So, as the plate goes up at one end, the other one goes down at the same time.

The idea with this type of vibration plate machine is that it is similar to the natural motion that we carry out when walking. This motion leads to the body’s muscles getting worked out alternately.

While this might sound like a very simple form of working out, it is also excellent at helping the user to boost their ability to maintain good balance and coordination.

Vertical Vibrating Motion Machine

An alternative type of vibrating plate machine that is a little more difficult to explain is the kind that uses vertical plates in then. This produces uniform vibrations across the machine in a linear fashion.

All of this leads to the plate moving up and down evenly and constantly. This gives the muscle fibers a good work out that can help to increase leg strength and is said to be particularly effective at helping the user to achieve higher jump heights after regular use.

So Which Is Best?

Which Is The Best Type of Vibration Plate

Some people are going to tell you that oscillation plates are better while others recommend vertical vibration machines, so which model should you opt for?

A good way to try and work out which style is best for you is to give one or more of these machines a try in your local gym or in a friend’s house. If you are able to do this then it will give you a clear idea of which one suits you best.

The truth of the matter is that the general idea behind these machines is the same, with vibrations helping you to achieve a fast and efficient workout. It could very well be the case that you are equally happy with either kind of device.

What to Look for When Reading Reviews

A technical point to consider is the amplitude that is mentioned in the device’s specifications. This is the vertical difference between the lowest and highest points when it is operating.

The bigger this amplitude the more effective and tiring the workout will be. You should also bear in mind that each of these types of vibrating plate machine needs a good quality motor to drive it.

Vibration Machine Reviews

Apart from the essential components of these machines, you will also see that some of the more expensive options on the market come with additional features that could come in very useful, there’s also a bunch of vibration exercise accessories which may help you make your workout more diverse.

These include the likes of calorie counters and body mass index details. These are convenient things to have to hand while you are working out but they are in no way essential to the way that the machine operates.

Overall Summary

It is certainly nice to know how your exercise machine works before you give it a try. However, vibration plates are relatively simple devices that you don’t need to worry about delving into too much.

Indeed, as soon as you give one a try it is highly likely that you simply enjoy the sensation of working out and the effects that you notice afterwards. Even if you feel that the way it works remains something of a mystery to you, the chances are that you love to use it as often as you can.

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