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BSlimmer Vibration Plate


Whether you are interested in improving your bone density, losing weight, toning muscles or increasing your blood circulation, there are many great reasons why you should be curious about vibration plates.  You need to be mindful though, if you are looking to try vibration plate-involved exercising, you need to ensure that you invest in a good quality machine by a reputable and trusted brand that also falls within your available budget.  The reason being is that not all vibration plates are designed and manufactured the same.

Although top of the line vibration plates do feature all the features and extras you could ever want to enhance your workout experience, they are not the cheapest models on the market.  If you are restricted by your budget then, you should consider the BSlimmer Vibration Plate.  Despite it it’s relatively love price, the BSlimmer Vibration plate packs a powerful punch and is a good introduction to this style of exercise.

Fully Equipped With An Oscillation Plate

As an oscillating platform machine, this BSlimmer model’s base has a central fulcrum point which means that the platform you stand, sit, kneel or even lie on wobbles  from side to side similarly to a see-saw swing.  This can be a great benefit as it is a good substitute for the motion of walking.  Users often feel more comfortable with an oscillation plate machine than they do a linear plate machine.

Another important benefit of the oscillating motion is the fact that fewer G forces are created.  This means that the joints have less impact, which is great for people suffering from joint pain or damage.

Variable Oscillation Speed Settings From A Powerful Motor

The BSlimmer does not disappoint when it comes to motor power, because when it is running at its maximum speed, the machine can achieve a total of 2500 rpm.  Even when you are using the machine at the lowest speed settings, you will still feel the vibrations working through your muscles.  As the machine’s speed settings are adjustable, it enables you the chance to fine tune and tweak the settings to suit your own fitness level and capabilities so you are never overworking or under-working yourself.

bslimmer vibration plateSo whether you want to push yourself really hard or want a nice and relaxed workout, you can do either with this machine at the touch of a few buttons.  There is also three pre-loaded workout programmes that you can choose from low, medium and high.  However, don’t be dismayed as there is 50 different speed settings you can select manually to really challenge yourself.

Very Robust and Sturdy Platform Design And Construction

Obviously the quality of the design and build of a product is very important and the BSlimmer vibration plate does not disappoint in this regard either.  The robust and sturdy platform weighs around 32 Kg and is capable of supporting users with a maximum weight of 120 Kg.

The one downside of this particular vibration plate’s design is the fact that there are no vertical support bars or hand rails.  However, this can be compensated for by placing the machine close to a wall or another stationary item you can use for support.  As an additional layer of support though, the platform is made of grooved material to give you a stronger grip under your foot to avoid unnecessary and unwanted skids and slips.

Equipped With Easy To Use Digital Control Panel And Remote Control

Like the vast majority of vibration plates available on the market these days, the BSlimmer vibration plate features a very easy to use, push button digital control panel.  The control panel features buttons for selecting the speed, workout duration and the pre-installed workout programmes.

As the control panel on-board the vibration plate is low mounted, it can be hard to reach when you are working out – particularly if you are lying or facing away from it.  Fortunately, BSlimmer have included a remote control that offers the exact same options that are featured on the digital display panel.


  • Remote control
  • 2 flexible power cords for additional upper body toning exercises
  • Free vibration plate workout DVD
  • Instructional manual


A fairly compact design, the BSlimmer Vibration plate measures at just 23 cm by 60 cm.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Digital control panel
  • 50 oscillation speed selections
  • 3 pre-installed exercise programmes
  • Affordably priced for an entry-level vibration plate
  • Sturdy and wide platform
  • Anti-slip grooves on top of platform
  • Compact, space saving design.
  • 2 flexible power cords
  • Remote control


  • There are no vertical bars or hand rails for extra support when performing routines standing up, making it especially hard to use on higher speeds
  • Without the remote control, it is difficult to adjust settings on the digital control panel
  • motor can be a little noisier than other models at the maximum speed levels

Customer Opinions

As you’d imagine, no product is completely perfect and the BSlimmer vibration plate is no different.  Despite some negative reviews however, the vast majority of customers who have parted with their hard earned money for this machine have been very happy with it.  The results, of course, are the thing at people like the most about this machine, with many noticing a marked improvement and differences after just a few short uses.  The price and the quality of the build were also highlighted by happy customers.


There is such a wide variety of different machines to choose from in the vibration plate market nowadays, that it can be overwhelming.  It is important to keep a clear head when purchasing these kinds of items though and you should never just click and buy the first one you look at.  Take some time to browse the options that fall within your budget and consult the customer reviews submitted too.  If you are looking for a good value, well liked machine with plenty of power and versatility though for a very affordable price, you could do a lot worse than choosing the above BSlimmer vibration plate.


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BSlimmer Colours PLUS Vibro Plate by Medicarn


If at first vibration plates were seen as being just a passing fad, they aren’t any more.  Many people exclaim enthusiastically about the positive results they have experienced from using one of these cutting edge machines.  There are so many on the market right now, that it can seem daunting trying to find the best one for you.  This is why you come to a site like ours, where we look at and review many of the best vibration plates.

Another BSlimmer entry into the vibration plate market, the very colourful and trendy Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration plate may appear to be a fun and lightweight machine.  However, it is actually a very serious and powerful piece of exercise equipment.

BSlimmer Colours PLUS Vibro Plate

This improved and updated model features an enhanced design that provides you with better flexibility and support and a wider range of workout options.  Much like the rest of the vibration plates available nowadays, the BSlimmer Colors machine can help improve your balance, increase the amount of fat you burn and help you to tone up most of the muscle groups in your body.  All without requiring as much exertion or time as other forms of exercise and other exercise tools and machines.

Not Just A Pretty Design

The BSlimmer Colors model provides you with oscillations of 2500 rpm when set to maximum speed and a choice of 50 different speeds to choose from, proving that it is more than just a pretty design.  Whether you are looking for an easy going , wind down type of workout at the end of a hard day or something to ease yourself into working out again after a long period of no activity or are looking to really push and challenge yourself; you can do it all and so much more with the BSlimmer Colors vibration plate.

Unlike the other vibration plate from BSlimmer reviewed on this very website, this model comes with vertical support bars to help improve your overall experience and make it a little bit safer in the process.  The great thing is that the support bars are detachable, so when you are taking part in exercises that do not require you to be in a standing position or when you are stowing it away when you are not using it.

There is also wheels to the back and underneath the vibration plate to make it even easier to move when you are either setting it up to use or putting it away after a workout.  Without the wheels this would likely be quite a difficult exercise machine to put away.

Features Digital Display Screen Control Panel and Handy Remote Control

As is very much the standard with not only BSlimmer products, but vibration plates in general, the Colors machine features a very easy to use digital display screen control panel.  There are buttons and controls for selecting and adjusting the programme setting, vibration speed settings and workout duration settings.  BSlimmer have really made this with you the customer in mind and have ensured that it is very intuitive and does not require an electronics degree to operate.

BSlimmer also know how tricky low mounted control panels can be to reach and adjust when you are in the middle of an awkward pose, lying down or facing away from it for a particular workout.  This is why they have included, something that is also a standard these days, a remote control that offers the same functionality as the control panel without the hassle of having to reach for it or stop your exercise routine to change the settings.


  • 2 free flexible power arm cords for upper body-focused exercises and muscle toning
  • 2 detachable vertical support bars
  • Remote control
  • Instructional exercise workout DVD with a wide variety of different exercises and routines
  • Instruction manual


  • Aesthetically pleasing and visually striking design
  • Robust and sturdy construction
  • 50 different speed levels to choose from
  • Various pre-installed workout programmes
  • Instructional DVD with a wide variety of BSlimmer vibration plate exercises to follow
  • Back wheels that increase the mobility for when you are taking it out to use and storing it away
  • Remote control for an easy and convenient way to select and adjust the settings
  • Support bars that can be detached to give better flexibility, versatility and support when working out


  • As this is quite big, even without the support bars, it does require a little extra storage space than what you need for other vibration plates in the same price bracket
  • Can cause injury if not used properly
  • Motor is not the quietest on the market
  • Some assembly is required, though you are supplied with the relevant tools and instruction manual

Customer Opinions

When you are looking at any item online with a view to purchasing it, especially something as important and pricey as a piece of exercise equipment, like this BSlimmer Colors vibration plate, you need to be cautious and should always try to at least visit a store to get a better and closer look, even if you decide to buy it online in the end.

When that is not possible, one of the best ways to really get the truth behind the manufacturer’s words about a product is by looking at the customer reviews submitted regarding that product.  Looking at what customers have to say about this BSlimmer Vibration plate, it is clear that it is a popular and well liked product.  Despite a relatively low number of negative rating reviews, most customers are pleased with the build quality and especially the results you are capable of experiencing using this machine.


Another popular model from the always stylish and practical gym equipment branding BSlimmer.  This will suit anyone looking for a high functioning, stylish and feature-filled vibration plate that is not too expensive.


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BTM are one of the best known and much loved manufacturers of vibration plates and therefore if you are looking for a good quality, high performing exercise machine, you can do a lot worse than opt for one of their industry models, like this particular one we are going to look at in the following review.

When you start reading about vibration plates and the incredible results that are possible from using them, it is not too hard to see why they have become one of the most popular pieces of home gym equipment.  They can help you to lose weight

What does this BTM model have to offer you?  Let’s take a closer look.

Powered By An Almost Completely Noise-Free 1000 Watt Motor

When looking at vibration plates and trying to choose one that suits your budget and needs, one aspect of their build that you should look at above all else is the power rating.  This BTM model provides users with 1000 Watts of power and it’s power that vibrates the plates, which in turn exercises your muscles.  1000 Watts is not the most powerful or most weakest on the market, and provides enough power for the maximum weight of 120 Kg that it is capable of taking.

The added bonus of course is that the motor is not only reasonably powerful, but also incredibly quiet when running.  This is great news for just about anyone, but especially people who either live in households with a lot of other family members or people and people who live in relatively small living spaces (such as flats, apartments and small houses) or who live in upper flats or semi-detached or attached properties.  Even when running at full power, this machine will not disrupt the activities of people within the same house or flat as the user or their neighbours.  The result of this is also that even if you prefer to workout in the early hours of the morning or the last hours of the day, you can do so without causing any noise pollution.

Features On-board Easy To Operate And Touch Sensitive Control Panel And Digital Display

Part of the enjoyment of working out from the comfort of your own home can be hampered by having equipment that requires a full electronic and electrical engineering degree to operate it.  This is something that BTM always try to avoid with their products and pride themselves in creating and building exercise machines, such as this vibration plate, that are incredibly intuitive and easy to use – even if you are a complete newbie to exercise machines.

BTM Silent Motor Vibration Plate

As with many of their other models, this BTM vibration plate features a touch sensitive responsive control panel and digital display.  From the control panel you can select the speed setting from the available 1 to 99 levels, 3 different built-in programmes and monitor the speed and duration of your workouts.  It won’t take much practice to master using these controls and this just makes the experience more enjoyable.

Versatile Built-In Programmes And A Fully Adjustable 99 Speed Levels

When you are spending upwards of £100 on an exercise machine, you will want to know that you are getting good value in return for your investment.  BTM know this only too well and ensure that their vibration plates offer versatility, which is helpful for preventing workouts becoming dull or repetitive.  This vibration plate is a great example as it offers you a total of 99 different vibration speed levels to choose from.

If you are new to exercise or have not exercised in a long time, this kind of choice is necessary as it will enable you to select a low vibration speed that you can cope with; while on the other side of the scale, if you are a regular at the local gym or always involved in physical activity, you will be able to adjust the speed to meet your more demanding needs.

In addition to the easily adjusted vibration speed settings, there are also 3 built-in programmes which you can select when you just want to get on the plate and exercise, without faffing around with settings.


  • Flexible arm resistance cords for increased versatility, particularly if you are looking to perform upper body-focused exercises using the vibration plate
  • Remote control
  • Instruction manual and user guide


Despite it’s pulley layout and caster wheels, this BTM is still a very compact and easily stored vibration plate measuring at a width of 65 cm by a depth of 51 cm by a height of 24 cm.


  • Aesthetically pleasing colours and slick design
  • Practical and easy to transport pulley system with handle (that is collapsible)
  • 1000 W Motor With Silent Running Technology
  • 2 flexible arm resistance cords
  • Remote control to help operate the machine while in awkward positions or standing
  • 99 different vibration speed settings
  • 3 built-in exercise programmes
  • Intuitive and easy to use touch sensitive control panel and digital display
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only capable of a maximum user weight of 120 Kg, which is lower than some other models in the same price range
  • Some customers have commented that the upright post is not as easy to detach as they’d like

Customer Opinions

This vibration plate from BTM, as you’d imagine from a highly reputable manufacturer, has received entirely positive comments from customers who have purchased it on Amazon UK.  Most customers have commented and praised on the silent motor and the great results they have experienced from using it.  One in particular suggested it as a great warm-up for their cycle into work, and how it was good for the sore knees they experienced as a result of the commute to work.


This BTM vibration plate machine will suit you if you are looking for a high quality, low price exercise tool that comes jam-packed with useful features and settings that enable you to workout from home without exerting yourself too much or for long periods of time.

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As vibration plates continue to be one of the most popular pieces of home gym equipment, it’s not really surprising that the big names in the industry are still upgrading and updating previous models for the new year.  Gym Master are one such company who have updated one of their best models for the new year with an increased power rating, the high quality standard of construction and features and settings you’d expect from the brand.

Ahead of the Christmas shopping period, the new 2017 addition has been released, but is it as good as the price tag and hype would suggest?  Let’s take a closer look in the review below.

An Incredible 3900 Watt Peak – Gym Master’s Biggest Power Output Yet

The power output is an important aspect to consider when looking at vibration plate models, as it is the motor that drives the vibration plates to vibrate.  With their upgraded model, Gym Master have included a very powerful, yet incredibly silent running 2000 W motor that is capable of 300 Watts of power output when working at peak.  It is this power rating that enables it to cope with the maximum user weight of 150 Kg and to produce enough energy for the higher of the 180 vibration speed settings.

gym master vibration plate

A key point to highlight though is the fact that not only is the motor very powerful, it is still very quiet even when working at the highest level.  This means that you will be able to workout even in a very busy household or with neighbours close by without disrupting anyone.  You could even have a conversation or watch the TV while using this Gym Master machine without it causing problems.

Equipped With 180 Different Vibration Speed Levels And Built-In Workout Programmes

When purchasing something that is just under £200, particularly something designed to aid weight loss and improving your fitness, you will want to ensure that it gives you good value for the money you are spending.  Gym Master take this aspect of their machines very seriously and therefore have made sure that this upgraded model for 2017 provides a versatile range of options so that you get the very best and varied experience from it that you can.

To begin with you have the option of manually choosing from 180 different vibration speed levels.  It is great that you can choose from such a wide spectrum of speeds because we all have different levels of fitness and muscle strength.  Therefore, if you are using this machine after a relatively long break from any form of exercise, you have the option to start at a very slow setting that you can increase over time.  Whereas if you regularly participate in physical exercise you may wish to start from a much quicker speed and you can do so with this machine.

There is also, for those of you who know what you want to target or who just don’t want to have to adjust and adjust and want to just exercise without thinking about it, three built-in workout programmes to challenge you.

Improved And More Detailed Control Panel And Digital Display

As you’d expect from a modern piece of home gym equipment, there is a control panel and a digital display.  From the display on this particular Gym Master model however there is more than just the programme number, vibration speed and workout time.  Gym Master have also included a BMI or Body Mass Index reading to further enhance your workout sessions.


  • 2 Flexible, elasticated, spring power cords for additional arm muscle toning to enable you to have a full body workout
  • Inflatable gym ball
  • Handy pump for the gym ball


Even though it is a full size platform with hand rails for stability, it is still relatively compact measuring at a length of 70 cm by a width of 61 cm and a height of 123 cm.


  • Easy to use control panel and digital display with BMI metric
  • 180 different vibration speed levels
  • 2 flexible and elasticated spring power cords for toning arm muscles
  • Gym ball for additional versatility
  • Pump for gym ball
  • Silent Running 2000 Watt motor with a peak output of 3900 Watt
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Non-slip, rubberised platform cover with grips
  • Anti-static and anti-jamming mechanism for safer use
  • Maximum user weight of 150 Kg
  • 24 months parts and labour guarantee


  • Some customers have commented that the machine was bigger than they expected.

Customer Opinions

Customer opinions are a great way to gauge how much of what the manufacturer says about their vibration plate is actually true in working practice,  Looking at the opinions of customers via their reviews submitted to Amazon UK, it is clear despite some negative reviews, that the response regarding the upgraded Gym Master vibration plate is overwhelmingly positive.

Although one or two customers have commented that it is hard to assemble, others have reassuringly stated that they had no such problems.  As ever though it is the results from using the vibration plate that take up most space in the reviews section.  Less painful limbs, weight loss, strengthened and toned muscles are some of the benefits customers have stated that they have experienced just from using the Gym Master 2017 model for the recommended 10 minutes per workout session.


While we would never suggest that you rush out and buy an item just because of the reputable brand name plastered over it, there are good reasons why Gym Master are highly respected as gym equipment manufacturers.  When looking at the above review, it is important though to consider it carefully because even though it is not a small investment, it more than makes up for the high price tag with great features, a sturdy and robust design and a powerful but silent motor.  All this and the fact that it has the trusted branding of Gym Master on it, so you know it is a quality item right away.


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BTM New Crazy Fit Vibration oscillating Massage Plate Power Fitness Exercise Machine Silent Drive Motor


There are brand names that will constantly crop up when you look at a specific type of exercise tool and when it comes to vibration plates, BTM is one of those brand names you will here about again and again.  On this very website, we have a number of BTM products reviewed and it’s with good reason – they make very high quality, user-friendly vibration plates, just like the one we will be reviewing in this post, the 2016 upgraded model.

So have BTM again shown why they are one of the industry leaders when it comes to vibration plate manufacturing?  Let’s take a closer look.

Powered By Superb 1000 Watt Motor With peak Output Of 2500 Watts And Super Silent Running

As the motor is what powers the vibration plates into action, it is always worth spending a little bit of time dissecting that when looking at a new vibration plate machine.  The upgraded 2016 BTM models features a superb 1000 Watt motor with a peak output of 2500 Watts.  For the uninitiated, the motor that sends electrical energy to the vibration plates that then convert that into kinetic energy and move that then in turn causes your muscles to contract and react around 50 times a second.

Even more impressive than the power output of the motor is the fact of just how quiet it really is.  As you will know from reading other reviews of BTM products or other vibration plates you will know that most modern motors are designed and built to feature some form of silent drive that prevents the motor and machine from being too noisy, even when operating at peak performance.  This is ideal if you do not live alone or live either directly above neighbours or in a terrace or semi-detached house, as it means you can exercise without any fears of waking up or otherwise disturbing others.

Features a choice of 99 Vibration Speed Options And 3 Pre-loaded Exercise Programmes

One thing you need when you want to successfully stick to your guns and exercise regularly, is versatile training routine.  BTM know this and have ensured that you will never be bored with their 2016 edition, by equipping it with a total of 99 different vibration speed settings and 3 pre-programmed workout sessions

Therefore, if you are a seasoned pro at using exercise machines or have used vibration plates before; you will find it very easy to start using the 2016 model straight and will also enjoy adjusting and changing the speed settings to find the best level for you that will work your body best.  If, however, you are a complete newbie to exercise machines full stop or have just never used A vibration plate before, you will still find it relatively easy to get started on this particular plate.  The recommendation is that you begin on a lower speed setting and then gradually work your way up as time goes by.

The 3 pre-programmed workouts are also adds an extra degree of versatility to your workout and is good for those days when you are targetting a specific muscle group or just don’t want to have to worry about changing and altering speed settings.

BTM crazy fit vibration plate

Incredibly Intuitive Touch Sensitive Control Panel And Digital Display

Obviously, how easy a product is to use is always a point worth looking into and with the 2016 BTM vibration plate it is as easy as pie to use.  The control panel features a selection of buttons for altering and choosing different settings including speed, duration and programme mode.  It is so easy to operate this vibration plate that even a monkey could do it…OK not monkey, but you see our point.


  • Flexible resistance arm cords for building and toning upper body muscles
  • Remote control
  • Instruction manual


As a relatively compact and small machine, the upgraded 2016 BTM vibration plate measures at a length of just 72 cm by a width of just 40 cm by a height of just 15 cm.


  • Superb and silent 1000 Watt motor that provides you with a maximum of 2500 Watts
  • Compact and robust design, can be used and stored away anywhere, easily
  • handle on the underneath of the base with roller wheels too for easier transport
  • 99 different vibration speed settings
  • 3 pre-programmed workout
  • 2 flexible arm cords for upper body resistance training to build up and tone your arm muscles in particular
  • Remote control makes it easier to operate and alter the settings on this vibration plate, especially when you are in awkward positions


  • Has a maximum user weight of only 120 Kg, a lot smaller than a lot of vibration plates that retail for a similar price to this model
  • Some customers found the instruction manual difficult to follow and act upon

Customer Opinions

When you have your eyes set on something you want to buy online and can’t possibly get down to a store to check it out in the flesh, it is crucial that you take the time to read through as many customer reviews submitted for a chosen vibration plate as you can.  That way you are able to balance off the sales-y wording of the manufacturer’s descriptions against what real customers thought, loved and hated about it.

As BTM are a fairly popular vibration plate expert, you’d expect them to score highly through online reviews and in this case, you’d be right.  The benefits this machine has given is one of the most highlighted positives about it, while other customers have suggested that it does exactly what it says and what you’d expect it do and is great value for money.


BTM is a brand you can trust and if your budget allows for it, you should really think about investing in this machine.  Not only has it been constructed to be sturdy and very compact, but it also features a wide range of settings to make your workouts enjoyable and is powered by an ultra silent operating powerful motor.


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Confidence Vibetone Vibration Trainer


In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere and have not had a chance to look through our website yet, vibration plates are exercise tools that utilise vibrations to cause the muscles to contact and relax.  As a result there are a whole plethora of benefits including increased muscle growth and toning, increased fat burn and improve circulation and bone density to name but a few.  The great thing is that you don’t need to enroll in the local gym and can purchase machines like the Confidence Vibetone Vibration trainer to use at home, when and for how long you want.

This particular model is a lot less expensive than others on the market and considered to be an entry-level machine and perfect if you are looking to buy a vibration plate but have a strict budget.  The price is competitively low, but is this machine from Confidence offer good value for money?  Let’s take a close look at it in this review and find out.

Choice Of 16 Vibration Speed Levels

The Confidence Vibetone makes use of a linear plate with a reasonably wide frequency range of 820 rpm to 2100 rpm.  Even at just shy of £100 you will want to be sure that the product offers enough versatility and value for the price tag.  With a total of 16 different vibration speed settings to choose from, there is definitely a lot to tweak and personalise your experience with.  We all have different fitness levels and this vibration plate from Confidence takes that on board.  If you are new to this form of exercise or have not exercised in quite some time, you can simply stick to the slower speed settings.  Whereas if you are a fitness enthusiast, you may want to opt for a faster speed.

Confidence Vibetone Vibration Plate

Although there are machines on the market with wider ranges of speed settings, 16 is still pretty good for the asking price.

Operated Either By The Digital Control Panel Or By The Remote Control

One of the biggest selling points of this entry-priced machine is just how easy to use it is.  Confidence have really looked at what newcomers would want from a machine and ensured that virtually anyone will be able to step on the machine, press a couple of buttons and start working out.  From the digital control panel features buttons for switching between the manual and automatic modes, varying the intensity of your workout by increasing and decreasing the vibration speed setting and setting the workout time.  It is not just the time and speed selections that are displayed on the screen though, as the calories burned during a workout is also calculated and displayed.

As it can be quite tricky to adjust settings while you are in the middle of a workout, the Vibetone vibration plate comes with a remote control that offers you access to the same functions as the control panel.

Practical, Sturdy, Lightweight and Very Compact Design And Construction

When you need to move your Vibetone Vibration Trainer, you will find it a breeze thanks to the compact and very lightweight design.  In addition to the lightweight design there is also wheels underneath the plate which make it even easier to transport and roll out for use and roll away for storage.

The terms lightweight and compact should not be mistaken for flimsy though, as the Confidence Vibetone is anything but and it is actually one of the most robust available on the market.


  • Remote Control
  • Instruction manual


As has already been highlighted, the Confidence Vibetone Vibration trainer is a very lightweight and compact machine and measures just 70 cm by 60 cm by 122 cm.


  • Very simple to assemble and move (thanks in part to the wheels beneath the plate)
  • Compact and lightweight, space saving design
  • Great range of vibration speed levels for the price
  • Remote control enables you to alter settings and select modes even if sat down or in a specific exercise position or pose
  • Sturdy and robust design
  • Easy to operate control panel with digital display


  • Does not feature arm straps for additional versatility and arm toning exercises
  • Not the quietest motor
  • Lacks any basic guidelines for beginners in the instruction manual
  • Only capable of handling a maximum user weight of 120 Kg (much lower than many other vibration plates available at similar prices)

Customer Opinions

When you are trying to figure out whether a product is right for you or not and can’t get to a store to see it up close and in person, the next best thing you can and should do is consult the customer reviews submitted about that product.  When looking at the reviews placed on Amazon UK regarding the Confidence Vibetone Vibration trainer, it is clear to see that even though the 5 star rated reviews edge out ahead of other ratings, there is still a very mixed selection of thoughts, opinions and experiences.

One of the comments that appears in both negative and positive reviews is the fact that the motor on the Confidence Vibetone is not the quietest ever.  Other customers have commented at how much they love the item though, so it is not all doom and gloom.  As ever, when looking at customer reviews you need to look at both the positive and negative reviews to get a truer sense of what you could expect from purchasing the product.


Despite some of the less than pleased comments left in the review section by unhappy customers, there is a,lot of good to be said about the Confidence Vibetone Vibration trainer.  Not only is it manufactured by a trusted and highly reputable brand, but it is also available at a very affordable price.  If budget is a serious issue, but you still want a lightweight and sturdy machine to lose weight and tone your muscles from the comfort of your own home, then you should seriously look into purchasing the Confidence Vibetone Vibration Trainer.


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Vibrapower Slim Body Vibration Plate


One of the home gym equipment trends that shows no sign of going away anytime soon is demand for and love of exercising using vibrations – the kind of exercise offered by vibration plates.  Trying to choose the right one from a veritable feast of different machines with what are essentially the same features and options, can be tricky.  This is why we have gathered together our favourites to review for you, such as this Vibrapower Slim Body Vibration Plate machine.

Like we just said, many have very similar features, very similar designs and very similar prices; but if you look at them closely enough you will spot little details that make them that little bit different.  It’s that difference that might mean one particular vibration plate is better for you than another person.

With all of the above in mind, let’s take a close look now at the slick and attractive Vibrapower slim body vibration plate.

Features Various Speed Settings For A Truly Versatile Exercise Experience

When you are spending lots of money on one piece of equipment, you are justified to expect that one piece of equipment to be worth the money.  The simplest and most effective way most vibration plate manufacturers and brands do this is by equipping their machines with the option to manually select the speed of the vibrations, to match the level of intensity you want for your exercise routine.

The Vibrapower slim body vibration plate is no different and offers 20 different vibration speed increments to choose from to make your routines as intense or not as you want.  There is also the option to alter the duration of your workout, which in turn also plays its part in whether your routines are going to be intense or not.

You can use the Vibrapower slim body vibration plate to enhance a variety of different exercises such as – calf raises, push-ups, lunges and squats and with the use of the resistance bands – overhead shoulder press, biceps curls and bent over row.

Quiet Running Motor

Even though you would be hard pushed nowadays to find a vibration plate exercise and massage machine that didn’t have a quiet to silent running motor; it is still worth mentioning that this vibration plate machine offers the above speed options while being powered by a virtually silent motor.  It may not seem like important information, depending on your local neighbourhood and how close you are to your next door neighbours geographically,  If they are in the flat below you or are in a house that is attached to your property.

The fact that this hardly makes a sound also means that even if you share a busy household with other people, whether they are flatmates or family members; you can still use this device at any time of day.  When you are done using it for the day, it simply packs away under a bed or in the bottom or top of a wardrobe, no hassle and no fuss.


  • Remote control so you don’t have to lose a particular pose to try and alter the settings
  • 2 Flexible resistance bands for extra upper body exercises
  • Free instructional exercise DVD

Vibrapower Slim Body Vibration Plate


The Vibrapower Slim Body Vibration Plate is one of the smaller models on the market and is easily stowed away when not in use thanks to the fact it measures at a length of just 72 cm by a width of 44 cm and a height of 13.5 cm.


  • Slick, stylish and compact design
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Lightweight
  • 20 different vibration speed settings
  • Built-in pre-installed workout programmes and manual modes
  • Remote control
  • Free DVD features three different workouts (beginner 3 mins long, intermediate 7 minutes long and advanced 10 minutes long)
  • 600 W powerful but almost silent running motor
  • 2 resistance bands to increase the versatility of the workouts you can complete with the vibration plate


  • Not as many options as other models for similar prices
  • Does not feature hand rails or handlebars to aid standing exercises
  • As it’s more lightweight than other models the maximum user weight it can handle is just 120 Kg

Customer Opinions

Consulting customer reviews from people who have actually parted with their hard earned cash for an item is one of the best ways to get a clearer picture regarding the truth about a product.  The striking thing when looking at the reviews for this Vibrapower vibration plate machine and why we can say in good conscience that it is one of the most popular items of its kind on the market, is just how many people have left reviews awarding it the full 5 star rating on Amazon UK.  As a result, the average score of the Slim Body Vibration plate is an impressive 4.8 out of 5 and when you look at the reviews a little closer it is not hard to see why.

One particular customer highlighted that they would recommend the Vibrapower machine for users of all ages, as they were 67 and suffering from arthritis, 2 knee replacements and were still able to use it easily.  As you work your way down the pages of reviews, you will see it time and time again – positive results from using the machine, even just for short bursts of time a day.


As we have already suggested, the Vibrapower slim body vibration plate is probably one of the most popular of its kind on the market.  Even though it does not feature hand railings or handlebars, it is still very safe and sturdy to use and virtually anyone can make use of it, regardless of background and fitness ability.  As well as functional, despite having less settings to choose from, it is also incredibly lightweight and affordable.  Hundreds of happy customers can’t possibly be wrong, can they?

So if you are looking for a solution to working out at home without the need to engage in high impact exercise either because of a legitimate physical reason or just because you have not take in part in such activity in a long time, you will want to give serious thought to investing in the Vibrapower slim body vibration plate.

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Vibration plates have come a long way over the last decade or so and the theory that they can be an potent aid for at home exercise is repeatedly proven time and time again by the positive comments made by users of these types of machines.  Crazy Vibrations is one of the many popular and successful manfucturers of these cutting edge machines.  It’s no surprise really that vibration plates are as praised as they are, when you consider the often amazing results they produce from little to no exertion on the part of the users for relatively short workout sessions, generally no longer than 10 minutes a day.

What does this particular machine have to offer and why should you consider it over other Crazy Vibrations products?  This is what we will discuss in the following review.

Bluefin Vibration Plate with Built in Speakers

Bluefin Vibration Plate with Built in Speakers 2017 Upgraded And Enhanced Silent Operating Motor With Maximum Power Output Of 3900 Watts

As vibration plate machines such as this model from Crazy Vibrations are meant for home use, it makes perfect sense to be concerned about how noisy the motor might be.  The good news is with this updated and enhanced model for 2017 the motor is even quieter and not only that – more powerful than previous models.  The 2000 Watt silent running motor produces 3900 Watts of power when operating at maximum level.  This is in part why it is able to manage a load of up to 150 kg.

Because it is silent running, you needn’t worry about waking up the whole house or disturbing the neighbours, if you want to use it early in the morning or late at night.  Even if you live in an upper flat or semi-detached house, at the highest setting, this Crazy Vibrations plate will not cause any noise pollution.

Equipped With Anti-Static And Anti-Jamming Mechanism Safety Features

When exercising from the comfort of your own home, safety is obviously paramount.  This is why Crazy Vibrations, along with making this model of vibration plate a sturdy and robust machine from high quality materials, have also equipped it with additional, cutting-edge safety features.  The anti-jamming and anti-static mechanisms ensure that each and every time you use the device, it will work as it should.

After all, no-one wants to step on or sit on their exercise machine and gain an injury.  With these additional safety features, there is a assurance that this will not be the case.

Comes With 3 Pre-Installed Workout Programmes And 180 Different Incremental Vibration Speed Settings

Variety is the spice of life and this is no truer a statement than when it comes to exercise and working out from home.  As individuals, we all have very different levels of muscle strength and fitness, as well as different levels of health and well-being.  Therefore, one of the biggest selling points of this vibration plate, like previous models from Crazy Vibrations is the versatility and variety it offers you.

If you have mobility issues or recurring, long-standing issues with specific muscle groups, joints or have not exercised in a long time, you will still find this machine useful.  There are 180 different vibration speed settings to choose from, so you are bound to find your exercise sweet spot.  It may take some tweaking though, but if you start off on a lower setting you can always easily adjust it to a higher setting as and when you feel more comfortable doing so.

Perhaps you don’t want to have to think about constantly changing the speed of the vibrations and just want to concentrate on benefiting from using the device.  In that case you can select one of the three pre-installed workout programmes, that will give you a reasonably quick, but effective workout regardless of which you choose.

Added Bonus of Built-In Speakers To listen To Music As Extra Motivation While You Work Out

As is becoming more and more common on modern home workout machines, and similar to those you will come across at your local gym; this Crazy Vibrations vibration plate comes with built-in speakers.  Music is always a good motivator when it comes to exercising as it enables you to take your mind off what you are putting your body through and concentrate on your favourite tracks instead.  With the built-in speakers you can connect your own MP3 player up and easily listen to your own preferred workout playlist.

Easy To Operate Control Panel With 4 Clear LED Displays

The 2017 upgraded Crazy Vibration machine features a high quality control panel that is very easy to use and gives you full control over your exercise sessions.  There are four different LED displays – Mode, Calorie count, Speed and Time.  You can alter anything from the countdown timer for the duration of your chosen workout (5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes are the selectable options) and three different quick power options (low, medium and high are the selectable options).

With the screens you are better able to monitor your progress with regular use to help improve your weight loss/calorie loss and muscle growth and build.


  • Tools for assembly
  • 2 flexible power cords for upper body-focused exercises
  • Workout poster
  • Instructions manual


The upgraded 2017 Crazy Vibrations machine measures at a width of 68.5 cm by a depth of 61 cm  and a height of 121 cm.


  • 2 Flexible cords included for upper body-focused exercises
  • 180 different vibration speed settings
  • 3 pre-installed workout programmes
  • Anti-static safety feature
  • Anti-jamming safety feature
  • Robust and safe design and build
  • Side railings for extra support
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate control panel with 4 LED displays


  • Instructions manual has been noted as not being particularly helpful
  • Speakers have been noted as being very low quality

Customer Opinions

When you are buying an item such as an exercise machine like the Crazy Vibrations full body platform, it is good practice to consult the customer reviews submitted about that product.  You obviously want to know whether you are getting a good deal or not and the best way to check this is by seeing what other people who have bought and used it thought.

Judging by the overall majority of positive reviews submitted to Amazon UK, it is clear that this particular vibration plate machine has proved to be a great purchase and investment for customers.  Most customers have commented that the device was very simple to assemble and setup and although there is problems with the instruction manual, consulting guides online helped them to use it effectively.  A large percentage of buyers also had very positive experiences and were already noticing amazing results after just a few, short uses.


If you are in the market for a vibration plate machine and are willing to part with a considerable investment for a highly rated and well made product, the Crazy Vibrations upgraded 2017 vibration plate is worthy of your consideration.


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ReaseJoy 500 Watt Vibration Plate Crazy Fit Massage Exercise Machine Oscillating Platform



We know that not everyone has access to the same budget and therefore the higher priced, often considered better, vibration plates on the market may not be viable options for many of you reading these reviews.  Do not be dismayed because although you may not be able to afford one of the bigger and better known brand’s machines, there are still great options out there, that will give you change from £100.  Take this ReaseJoy 500 Watt Vibration Plate for instance.

Although you may not know the name ReaseJoy, as you will see from our overview and review below, their entry to the vibration plate market is not something you should easily dismiss.

Driven By A Powerful Single Belt Drive High Performance 500 Watt Motor

Obviously, one of the most important components of any vibration plate machine is the motor that powers the vibration plates themselves.  This model from ReaseJoy is driven by a very powerful single belt drive 500 watt motor.  The single belt drive motor means that you get a much more even and stable distribution of vibrations that enhances your overall exercise experience using the machine.  Due to the power level of the motor, the platform can comfortably cope with a maximum weight of 150 Kg.

When you consider that this much power comes from something so slick and portable, measuring at just 68 cm by 38 cm by 14 cm, it is really quite surprising.

Versatile Range Of Speed Settings And Range Of Preset Programmes For A Fully Immersive Workout Every Time

One thing you will notice a lot, especially if you are only just starting to look at the various vibration plates available nowadays, is that most come with a specific range of vibration speed settings and pre-installed workout programmes to give users versatility when it comes to exercising from the comfort of their own home.  The ReaseJoy machine provides you with a full range of vibration speed settings from 1 to 99, enabling you to have full control over how fast the vibration plate actually vibrates.

reasejoy vibration plateThis means if you are suffering from any sort of ailment or are not in the best physical shape, you can still benefit (with guidance from a health care professional) from using the vibration plate.  It also gives you the chance to alter your workouts as you become physically more able and stronger.

If you do not fancy tweaking and altering the manual controls and want to just get on and exercise specific muscle groups or your whole body, there are also a range of preset workout programmes that means you can just press a couple of buttons and start your training.

Features 2 Digital Display Screens And Simple To Use Control Panel

As is very much standard these days with vibration plates becoming more and more digitalised, the ReaseJoy machine features 2 different digital displays.  One of LED displays the time or chosen programme while the other displays the vibration speed setting.  There are also 8 different buttons that give you full control over the machine’s different functions.  They are designed to be very responsive and soft on your fingertips, to make using the vibration plate as easy as possible, even for people who are complete novices when it comes to gym exercises.

As the device is platform-based only, it can be tricky to access the control panel from standing and various other positions.  However, it does feature another accessory that is becoming more and more a standard these days, a remote control.  The remote control gives you full access to the controls of the vibration plate even when you are unable to access the onboard control panel.


  • Power cord mains adaptor
  • Remote control
  • 2 flexible resistance/yoga/Pilates bands for more upper body focused exercise routines
  • Hex key for assembly purposes
  • User instruction manual


A fairly compact and portable machine, the ReaseJoy vibration plate measures at a slick and space saving 68 cm by 38 cm by 14 cm.


  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Silent running powerful single belt 500 Watt motor for balance and stable vibration
  • Slick and very compact design for easy storage, even if space is very limited
  • 2 flexible resistance bands that enable you to work your entire body out
  • Remote control that allows you to control the machine without having to reach for the onboard control panel
  • 99 different vibration speed settings and a selection of pre-installed workout programmes
  • Maximum user weight of 150 Kg


  • Low mounted onboard control panel makes it hard to adjust settings from standing or awkward exercise positions, unless using the included remote control
  • Pictures in the instruction manual are in a faint grey colour which has proven to be not very helpful for some customers

Customer Opinions

When you are planning on buying something online, it is always a good idea, if possible, to actually visit a physical store and see the product up close and personal.  This is even more crucial when it is a piece of home gym equipment, such as this ReaseJoy vibration plate.  However, if it is not possible, you should definitely consult customer reviews that have been submitted online about a product.

Looking at the reviews on Amazon UK for the ReaseJoy machine, it is clear that even though there has only been a small handful submitted; the overall picture of the device is that it is a really good investment.

The price and quality of the machine are the things that have been highlighted most frequently.  Despite issues with the instruction manual, most customers have state that they love it, with even one customer commenting that they preferred this relatively cheap model to the more expensive model they have tried in the past.


If you are in the market for a vibration plate and are not particularly concerned about choosing one of the bigger and more popular brands, but want an exercise tool that will help you to workout from the comfort of your own home without requiring much time or effort; we are sure you will agree from the above that the ReaseJoy is worth considering.


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JTX 6000 High Power Vibration & Oscillation Plate



You could be forgiven for thinking that some of the claims made about the JTX Fitness 600 high power vibration and oscillation plate exercise machine and others like it, are far-fetched sales patter to say the least.  However, the claim that this kind of machine can exercise almost all of the muscle groups in your body, without needing any serious level of exertion has been proven time and time again to be more fact than fiction.

Because of the above and the way the machine works, the vibration plate has been called a passive form of exercise.  Many health and fitness experts agree that vibration exercise has great benefits for the user, with some of the results from test workouts exceeding traditional forms of workout (particularly when it comes to improvements in bone circulation and bone density).

Jtx vibration plate

The JTX 6000 manufactured by JTX Fitness is one of the most widely available, well known and popular vibration plates on the market, but is it as good as people say it is?

Peek Power Rating Of 4000 Watts For Strong Vibrations And Oscillations

As the JTX Fitness uses two forms of vibration training, there are 2 different power ratings.  On the vibration side of things, it provides a total of 500 watts of power; while for the osculation functionality, it provides 2000 Watts of power, with an overall power rating of 4000 Watts.  This exercise tool is therefore able to efficiently and safely operate with a maximum of 160 kg onboard.

Two Types Of Vibration

Something that makes this vibration plate from JTX Fitness stand out from the sea of very similar vibration machines, is the fact it offers you not just one, but two forms of vibration training in one machine – vibration and oscillation.

Vibration training involves high speed vibrations for massage, strength and toning and oscillation training for body fat reduction, reducing cellulite and overall weight loss.  You have the option to make use of one or the other, depending on what you are working on each routine, or if you want to experience a truly high intensity workout that will give you the quickest results, you can combine both the oscillation and vibration in the same workout.

Slick Design, High Quality Materials And Robust Construction

JTX Fitness have ensured that their product is built from durable and robust materials, to provide users with a sturdy machine.  It is safe for seniors to use and anyone who normally has trouble participating in intense workouts due to injuries and weaknesses.  Because it requires very little exertion to use it can actually help you if you are suffering from stiffness and/or pain.

Comes Equipped With 8 Preset Workout Programmes And 198 Vibration Speed Settings

Obviously we each have different levels of physical fitness and strength and JTX Fitness have been careful to take that into consideration when designing this vibration and oscillation exercise plate.  There is therefore, a amazing 198 different speed settings that allows you to adjust the speed of the vibrations and oscillations to meet your own personal level of strength and fitness.  If you are just starting to use this form of exercise after a long period of no physical activity or have never really participated in a focused form of exercise – you can start off on a very slow level and alter it as you become more comfortable and able.

There is also 8 pre-programmed workouts to choose from that will save you time faffing around with the controls if you are just looking to get on and exercise.

Easy To Use Control Panel And LCD Display Monitor

As is almost the standard these days with home gym equipment, the JTX Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate features a very easy to operate control panel and very clear LCD display monitor.  You can use the control panel to adjust the speed of the vibration and the oscillation as well as the duration of your workout.  You can also select the previously mentioned 8 different training programmes from this module.

A LCD display is essential if you are serious about your training as it enables you to keep track of your progress.


  • Straps for arm toning
  • Vibration plate DVD
  • Workout poster
  • Personal trainer vibration training plan with phone support


The JTX high power vibration and oscillation plate is not the smallest or lightest on the market and measures at a width of 75 cm by a depth of 75 cm and a height of 143 cm.


  • Made from robust and sturdy materials
  • Suitable for a maximum weight of 160 kg
  • Powerful motor with a peak power rating of 4000 Watts that is also incredibly quiet.
  • 2 types of training – vibration and oscillation
  • 198 different speed settings
  • 8 preset workout programmes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to setup


  • It is very big and very heavy (this is the downside to it being able to carry a maximum of 160 Kg)
  • Not foldable and can’t be easily stored away when not in use

Customer Opinions

Using the online reviews left by customers who have actually used a product, such as this JTX Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate, is always a good idea as it gives you a clear look at the good points and bad points.  It’s clear that a large majority of users of this vibration and oscillation plate had very positive experiences, as it has notched up over 20 reviews awarding it the full 5 star rating on Amazon UK.  One customer for instance, commented that he and his wife had both seen definite results from using it and always felt great after their 10 minute sessions on the machine.  In fact, after just 3 weeks using it, his wife had already lost several pounds.

Other customers also experienced positive results from using the machine.  It was not just the actual benefits that received high praise, but the actual design and sturdiness despite being big and heavy, also was commended.  As too was JTX Fitness’s customer service team.


To conclude this review it is worth taking a moment to review all of the above.  The JTC Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate promises a high intensity workout suitable for users of all levels of fitness and appears to actually deliver just that.  Although it is larger, heavier and less compact than a lot of other machines on the market, the upside of this is that it has a larger maximum weight capacity.

Looking at the customer reviews, the manufacturer’s information and the price, if you are in the market for a high powered machine that will give you the high intensity workout you desire, the JTX Fitness vibration and oscillation plate could be just what you need.


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