Reliancer Full Body Fitness Vibration Platform Review

Want to get back in shape? Can’t afford to spend money on gym membership fees? Then our review of the Reliancer Full Body Fitness Vibration Platform is just what you need.

According to research, using vibration machines like Reliancer for only 20 minutes a day can have the same effects on the body as running. That is, in addition to reducing fat in the liver and abdomen, machines like Reliancer leads to the strengthening of bones.

What’s more, due to vibrations coming out of the Reliancer, it contracts our muscles repeatedly to improve their balance, strength, and coordination. In the long term, you could also achieve better control over blood sugar levels with vibration therapy.

What the Reliancer Full Body Fitness Vibration Platform Looks Like

Proving its versatility in design, the Reliancer comes in two color patterns, both of which have the black standing platform in common. Their boundary, however, differs. For, while one of them has a trendy orange boundary line, the other has gone for the elegant white color. You might also need to know that the white-boundary model also costs more.

Reliancer Full Body Fitness Vibration Platform

Compactness is another feature worth noting of the Reliancer. With overall dimensions of only 26.7(L) x 14.18(W) x 4(H) inches, you could easily store it under the bed, inside a cupboard, or, well, the possibilities are limitless.

Complementing the compactness of the Reliancer is its weight of just 40lbs. It is in stark contrast to other vibration platforms which weigh a ton, which means that you could easily move around the Reliancer without needing any helping hand.

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Features of the Reliancer Full Body Fitness Vibration Platform

Starting from its slightly underwhelming feature – and despite costing considerably – the Reliancer doesn’t have enough speed levels in our opinion. For, while models like Clevr 3D offer 180 speed settings, the Reliancer offers just 99.

It seems that Reliancer knew too that it was short on speed settings; for it has tried to compensate for that by offering built-in exercises. Yes, with its 11 different settings, you don’t need any instructor to make full use of the Reliancer.

For the runners out there, the Reliancer Fitness Vibration Platforms offers something extra with its three running programs. That’s right, and the fact that all the options are operated via a remote control makes the Reliancer a cinch to control.

Making sure that the machine could withhold every pound of its 330lb weight capacity – and not break down – is its ABS material. Deriving from high-quality rubber, the ABS is skid-resistant which means you could place the machine on any surface.

Finally, unlike its competitors, the Reliancer is much more than a vibration platform – as you can use it as a massager as well. All you have to do is to just put your legs on its plate while sitting on a chair, and it will improve blood circulation through them.


  • 11 built-in exercises
  • 3 Programs
  • Remote Control
  • Can be used as a massage


  • Fewer speed settings for the price

Review Summary

No product is perfect, lest of all the Reliancer Full Body Vibration Platform. However, as our review has shown, this product – despite having some shortcomings – have a multitude of useful features. And these features aren’t compensating for the shortcoming only. Instead, they have contributed to nudge the Reliancer Full Body Vibration Platform ahead of the competition.

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