Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform Review

While a vibration plate only massages your feet and improves blood flow in the legs, a vibration platform provides full body exercise. It stimulates your muscles, cuts down the belly fat, and – by working on your core and hip flexor – strengthens your spine and improves the stability of your entire body.

So, what do you need: a vibration plate or a vibration platform?

Both. Especially when both of them come in the same package, as is the case with the Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform.

What the Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform Looks Like

The Finether Vibration Plate doesn’t offer many – or any – option as far as its appearance is concerned. It comes in the all-black pattern, and unlike other vibration plates, you don’t have any other color pattern which you can choose.

Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform

Provided you decide to overlook its color-scarcity, the Finether would justify its selection with two features: weight capacity and plate dimensions. With the former standing at 331 pounds, only the extra-obese won’t be able to use this vibration plate.

As for the latter, it measures: 10 in W x 6 in D x 5 in H. Add this to the 13 kg weight of this model – which is well below average for a vibration plate + platform combo – and this makes the Finether ultra-portable.

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Features of the Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform

The exercises which you can perform with the Finether are innumerable. Want to simply stand on the plate? Check. Looking to bend your knees to strengthen thighs? Check. Multiple repetitions of sit-ups? Check. Cardio workout? Check. Lunges? Check. I think you got my point.

The LCD-display of this model has large numbers and backlight to keep it usable even at night. Then there’s the remote control which allows you to set, pause, time, as well as increase or decrease the speed of your workout.

Not impressed? Check out the 99 fitness levels on offer then. From the low-speed level to suit the elderly, the elderly, the maximum fitness level would test the mettle of the so-called athletes. And guess what? There’s more.

Whether it is jogging, running, or simply walking that you like, the Finether has 3 vibration areas to keep your feet comfortable. And if you feel like testing yourself someday, it offers 2 resistance bands in the package to make your exercise difficult from routine.

Finally, it doesn’t matter how good a vibration platform is, it would be useless if it isn’t stable. Fortunately, Finether has taken care of this component as well, as suggested by the four bottom suction cups of this machine. To provide brilliant stability, these cups, through their suction power, hold the ground regardless of the surface.


  • 99 Vibration Levels
  • 2 Resistance Bands Provided in the package
  • Remote control and extra-large backlit LCD display


  • Only available in one color

Review Summary

The Finether Vibration Plate Vibration Platform is an epitome of comfort, quality, and performance. It is convenient to use, stable on the ground, and has a decent weight capacity. All in all, it has all the traits to be a perfect exercising companion for anybody.

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