Clevr 3D Fitness Whole Body Vibrating Platform Review

You know what the latest innovation in fitness is?

Yup, vibration platforms.

In stark contrast to the majority of exercise equipment, the vibration machines are easy to use. More importantly, they get results. You get to lose weight, tone up your muscles and improve your overall health with them. Have doubts about this claim?

Our review of the Clevr 3D Fitness Whole Body Vibrating Platform will quash them. Apart from coming at a competitive price, the Clevr 3D offers adjustable speed levels and is compact. All in all, it has everything which has popularized vibration platforms of late.

What the Clevr 3D Fitness Whole Body Vibrating Platform Looks Like

For those of you who have grown tired of seeing the vibration platforms in the age-old, all-black design, the Clevr 3D is a breath of fresh air.

It comes in two models, the first of which has a black standing area surrounded by a red border. As for the second, while its black standing area is retained by Clevr, the red boundary color is replaced with white. That means that the Clevr 3D has all the traits to complement your house décor.

Clevr 3D Fitness Whole Body Vibrating Platform

The fact that it has a trendy design doesn’t mean that Clevr 3D has compromised on other parts. Take its dimensions of 30.5 x 18 x 6 inches, for instance, as their compactness allows you to easily store the unit anywhere.

That said, one area where we think it could have done a bit better is its weight. For, while most vibration platforms weigh below 30lbs, the Clevr 3D has a mammoth weight of 442lbs. It means that it is anything but ultra-portable.

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Features of the Clevr 3D Fitness Whole Body Vibrating Platform

As you already know, a gym equipment is much more than its looks and dimensions. It means that unless you look under its hood, you won’t know whether or not that equipment is worth its salt.

To start with, the Clevr 3D offers 180-adjustable speed levels in the package. While that is nothing unique – as most vibration platforms offer that – what is truly unique about this device is its 3D vibration technology.

For, apart from following the usual practice of vibrating the platform up and down, the 3D vibration technology moves it left and right as well. This increased vibration bodes well for your feet to whom extra vibration will provide more comfort.

Clevr 3D Fitness Whole Body Vibe Platform

What’s more, if you have a counter job, you could use this machine as a standing desk. It has 3 programs of movement – which range from the super slow to the ultra-fast – to complement whether you’re looking for adrenaline pumping exercise or a slow and precise tone builder.

Finally, if you want to test your mettle, the Clevr 3D provides 2 resistance bands in its package for the same. Capable of being attached to the machine, these bands increase its resistance to make exercises tougher so that you could garner more benefits.


  • Compact
  • Variable speed settings from 0 -180
  • 360-degree vibration
  • Remote control included


  • Heavy; weighs 42 pounds

Review Summary

Clevr 3D Fitness Whole Body Vibrating Platform is compact, has an impressive number of speed settings, and a unique vibration pattern. However, due to its heavy weight, it is a brilliant choice for anyone barring those who consistently move their things around.

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