Vibration plates are certainly one of the more popular home gym equipment nowadays and Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W is one of the best-sellers. I believe this is the reason why you are searching online for an honest review about this small but truly incredible fitness machine.

How It Works

The Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W is an awesome revelation to the fitness industry. It works fast on burning excess weight and toning the muscles. In case you’re wondering how it’s done, the fat-burning and muscle-toning process is fairly simple.

Rocket Bunny - Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W Review

The vibrations transmit energy to the user’s body, which causes muscle contractions of up to 50 times per second (imagine that). The fast and multiple muscle contractions over a relatively short span of time are responsible for the burning of calories.

Best Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W 2017

You can find a lot of businesses selling the Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W online, but you have to be a smart buyer. Compare the prices first and check the make so you can be sure that you’re getting an authentic one.

This Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W comes with arm cords, remote control, and instruction manual.


This wonder machine is one of the wisest investments you can make because of a lot of fitness and health benefits that you can get from it. Besides weight loss purposes, this Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W can also help ease fatigue, build muscle strength because it targets up to 95% of your muscles, and visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Other than these considerable health and fitness benefits, the following features are also noteworthy:

  • It is compact

Because of its lightweight (only 19 kg), you can carry it by the hand for use anywhere in the house or even in your office. Its size and weight also makes it very easy to put away inside your cabinet or under your office table.

  • Speed Range

You can do low intensity to high intensity workout because it has a wide range of speed level (from 1 to 30). You can start slow and then go faster as your body gets used to the jiggling motions.

  • Weight Capacity

Unlike other compact models that can only carry small to average sized users, this one can take the weight of a 120-kg person making it truly small but terrible.


Now, let’s talk about some minor areas of concern.

  • Touch sensitive controls

If your feet are larger than the plates, you’ll be surprised by the sudden shift of speed or shutting down of the equipment. This is because the control panel is sensitive to the touch that even the outward soles of your workout shoes can operate it.

  • Balance concerns

Because of its irregular shape and high platform (compared to other models), some users report initially losing their balance on it. This is why it is suggested that you start with low speed first until you are very comfortable standing on it.

  • Limited areas of delivery

Unfortunately, the seller of this item only limits delivery of it to mainland England, Wales, and some parts of Scotland so better confirm their delivery to your location first before placing an online order.


This Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fitness Vibration Power Plate 1000W really makes exercising anywhere possible. With the listed pros and cons above, you can logically weigh the benefits you can get from it over the cost of buying it.

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