Rocket Bunny Vibration Machine – Round ® Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Power Plate Machine Review

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The latest trend for using vibration plates machines to work out has led to some exciting models being produced for home use. In the case of this Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Power Plate device, it is the sort of machine that can fit into any kind of lifestyle with ease.

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym but don’t have a lot of space for working out at home either then this is a clever solution that gives you the best of both worlds. You can now get a professional and highly efficient workout routine started at home that makes you feel fantastic in little time.

Vibration plates are now highly regarded for the way that they offer a method of exercising that is fast and hugely effective. If finding the time to work out well has been a problem for you lately then this is a device that you will love using, as it makes exercising fast and fun.

What Rocket Bunny Vibration Machine Looks Like

This is one of the most compact vibration plates models around just now. It is the sort of device that anyone should be able to find some space for in their house.

rocket bunny vibration machine

With a sturdy and professional appearance, this is exactly the sort of exercise machine that inspires confidence that it will do a tremendous job for you and last for years to come. The portable nature of the machine means that you may feel comfortable moving it from one room to another to use, although it is just a little bit heavier than it looks.

All in all, it is an exercise device that will add to your home’s appeal rather than take away from it like some machines might do.


One of the key features to look for in this sort of home exercise device is the flexibility and range of features that it offers you. In that respect, the Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Power Plate machine is well worth looking at.

With a 1000W motor and 30 speed levels, this is strong enough to handle your exercise needs and keep you in the best shape of your life.

The rugged build gives a non-slip platform for you to stand on with confidence. Interestingly, this model also comes with spring power cords to help you on those occasions when you want to focus on your arms and chest.

Perhaps the outstanding feature with this model is that it comes with a new one touch watch. This is a simple and very convenient way of controlling the settings and the intensity of your workouts without any fuss.

You get an instruction manual with this vibration plates machines, so that you can get started very quickly with it. Users weighing up to 120kgs can use it.


  • Smart design
  • A one touch watch makes it easy to control
  • Great fun
  • Easy to store even in small homes


  • Some alternative models have a wider range of speed settings to choose from


This Rocket Bunny vibration plates model is ideal for adding the genuine pleasure of exercising to your lifestyle. The compact size and ease of use make it simple to add to your home and use a few times a week.

The watch that comes with it make be a simple type of remote control but the truth is that it adds to the overall enjoyment to be gained from working out at home. If it helps you become more active and fitter then you will definitely feel that it was money well spent.

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