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JTX Pro-10 – Power Vibration Plate

Thanks to the praises of Hollywood celebrities, vibration plates are becoming more and more popular these days both at home and in the gym, and if you are looking for the best of its kind, the JTX Pro-10 Power Vibration Plate is all you need.

How It Works

The key idea behind these famous vibration plates is toning your muscles faster and better through the vibrations. Now, this personal trainer favoured JTX Pro-10 works just the same as other vibration plates, which is also tri-plate. This means that you can take advantage of its huge power range when training on it unlike when using oscillation plates, which offer only a see saw motion. There is a “buzzing” sound that somehow reminds you “Hey, this is something serious!” The tri-plate feature moves in 3 directions, causing 30-50 muscle contractions per second.

JTX Pro-10 - Power Vibration Plate 3

JTX Pro-10 – Power Vibration Plate | Best Power Vibration Plate 2017

No wonder a lot are not just curious but totally hooked about the JTX Pro-10. Not only does it make an ordinary workout more fun, but it also aids faster fat burning and muscle toning. This is backed up by a 2009 study conducted by a university and a college in Belgium, proving that vibration plates really work. Plus, you’ll love how it nicely fits on any corner of your house!

The Pros

You don’t buy a product just because someone tells you it’s good, you still have to do your own research to find out if it fits your requirements. In the case of the JTX Pro-10, here are some noteworthy benefits:

  • You will lose about 7% more weight when you use it with your workout routine compared to the conventional gym equipment.
  • You can enjoy stretching and warm-up exercises with low vibration intensity.
  • Advanced workout routines are also possible because of the high-intensity vibrations.
  • It is built with sturdy materials that passed high quality standards.
  • It only requires a small workout space in your home of about 78 x 70 cm.
  • It comes with the necessary accessories like vibration plate training DVD, personal trainer vibration plate phone support, workout poster, noise reduction mat, comfort exercise mat, and power straps.
  • It also comes in a 3-year JTX warranty including home repair of the equipments and all the labour and parts costs.

The Cons

Just like any other training equipment, the JTX Pro 10 also poses some cons, which include:

  • Beginner injuries to those who are not familiar with operating the machine and the corresponding exercise routine suited for the intensity of the vibration. The injuries can range from back pain to cartilage damage and even brain damage due so it is best to consult your physician and your personal trainer before use.
  • Not getting the results you desire because of false expectations. The use of this power vibration plate must be coupled with a healthy diet for optimum results.


The JTX Pro-10 can be the best deal you can find in the market especially if you really desire to purchase a power vibration plate. Just make sure that you check the item thoroughly when it arrives and don’t hesitate to ask questions through the phone support inclusion so you can be sure that you are using it appropriately. This way, physical and health hazards can be prevented. After all, the extra fat burning and muscle toning power of JTX Pro-10 is definitely worth the try.

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JTX 6000 High Power Vibration & Oscillation Plate



You could be forgiven for thinking that some of the claims made about the JTX Fitness 600 high power vibration and oscillation plate exercise machine and others like it, are far-fetched sales patter to say the least.  However, the claim that this kind of machine can exercise almost all of the muscle groups in your body, without needing any serious level of exertion has been proven time and time again to be more fact than fiction.

Because of the above and the way the machine works, the vibration plate has been called a passive form of exercise.  Many health and fitness experts agree that vibration exercise has great benefits for the user, with some of the results from test workouts exceeding traditional forms of workout (particularly when it comes to improvements in bone circulation and bone density).

Jtx vibration plate

The JTX 6000 manufactured by JTX Fitness is one of the most widely available, well known and popular vibration plates on the market, but is it as good as people say it is?

Peek Power Rating Of 4000 Watts For Strong Vibrations And Oscillations

As the JTX Fitness uses two forms of vibration training, there are 2 different power ratings.  On the vibration side of things, it provides a total of 500 watts of power; while for the osculation functionality, it provides 2000 Watts of power, with an overall power rating of 4000 Watts.  This exercise tool is therefore able to efficiently and safely operate with a maximum of 160 kg onboard.

Two Types Of Vibration

Something that makes this vibration plate from JTX Fitness stand out from the sea of very similar vibration machines, is the fact it offers you not just one, but two forms of vibration training in one machine – vibration and oscillation.

Vibration training involves high speed vibrations for massage, strength and toning and oscillation training for body fat reduction, reducing cellulite and overall weight loss.  You have the option to make use of one or the other, depending on what you are working on each routine, or if you want to experience a truly high intensity workout that will give you the quickest results, you can combine both the oscillation and vibration in the same workout.

Slick Design, High Quality Materials And Robust Construction

JTX Fitness have ensured that their product is built from durable and robust materials, to provide users with a sturdy machine.  It is safe for seniors to use and anyone who normally has trouble participating in intense workouts due to injuries and weaknesses.  Because it requires very little exertion to use it can actually help you if you are suffering from stiffness and/or pain.

Comes Equipped With 8 Preset Workout Programmes And 198 Vibration Speed Settings

Obviously we each have different levels of physical fitness and strength and JTX Fitness have been careful to take that into consideration when designing this vibration and oscillation exercise plate.  There is therefore, a amazing 198 different speed settings that allows you to adjust the speed of the vibrations and oscillations to meet your own personal level of strength and fitness.  If you are just starting to use this form of exercise after a long period of no physical activity or have never really participated in a focused form of exercise – you can start off on a very slow level and alter it as you become more comfortable and able.

There is also 8 pre-programmed workouts to choose from that will save you time faffing around with the controls if you are just looking to get on and exercise.

Easy To Use Control Panel And LCD Display Monitor

As is almost the standard these days with home gym equipment, the JTX Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate features a very easy to operate control panel and very clear LCD display monitor.  You can use the control panel to adjust the speed of the vibration and the oscillation as well as the duration of your workout.  You can also select the previously mentioned 8 different training programmes from this module.

A LCD display is essential if you are serious about your training as it enables you to keep track of your progress.


  • Straps for arm toning
  • Vibration plate DVD
  • Workout poster
  • Personal trainer vibration training plan with phone support


The JTX high power vibration and oscillation plate is not the smallest or lightest on the market and measures at a width of 75 cm by a depth of 75 cm and a height of 143 cm.


  • Made from robust and sturdy materials
  • Suitable for a maximum weight of 160 kg
  • Powerful motor with a peak power rating of 4000 Watts that is also incredibly quiet.
  • 2 types of training – vibration and oscillation
  • 198 different speed settings
  • 8 preset workout programmes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to setup


  • It is very big and very heavy (this is the downside to it being able to carry a maximum of 160 Kg)
  • Not foldable and can’t be easily stored away when not in use

Customer Opinions

Using the online reviews left by customers who have actually used a product, such as this JTX Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate, is always a good idea as it gives you a clear look at the good points and bad points.  It’s clear that a large majority of users of this vibration and oscillation plate had very positive experiences, as it has notched up over 20 reviews awarding it the full 5 star rating on Amazon UK.  One customer for instance, commented that he and his wife had both seen definite results from using it and always felt great after their 10 minute sessions on the machine.  In fact, after just 3 weeks using it, his wife had already lost several pounds.

Other customers also experienced positive results from using the machine.  It was not just the actual benefits that received high praise, but the actual design and sturdiness despite being big and heavy, also was commended.  As too was JTX Fitness’s customer service team.


To conclude this review it is worth taking a moment to review all of the above.  The JTC Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate promises a high intensity workout suitable for users of all levels of fitness and appears to actually deliver just that.  Although it is larger, heavier and less compact than a lot of other machines on the market, the upside of this is that it has a larger maximum weight capacity.

Looking at the customer reviews, the manufacturer’s information and the price, if you are in the market for a high powered machine that will give you the high intensity workout you desire, the JTX Fitness vibration and oscillation plate could be just what you need.


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