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MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine – For Weight Loss & Body Toning Review

If you are looking for a new and more interesting way to work out then this MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine could be perfect for you. With a decent price and a nice range of features, this is a smart choice of vibration plates machine for workouts that really change your life.

This could give you a completely new way of working out at home if you have never tried the vibration methods approach before. Alternatively, if you already use a machine like this in the gym then having a portable device at home will give you a whole lot of extra flexibility from now on.

Either way, this is a good-looking device that has enough features to keep you coming back for more for a long time.

What MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Looks Like

There are 3 colour options for you to choose from when you buy this exercise machine; Black, Green and Orange. Overall, it is a slim and stylish machine that should slot in seamlessly to just about any home and look good there.

In terms of the exact dimensions, it measures up at: W: 68cm – D: 38cm – H: 14.5cm. This makes it the kind of compact exercise machine that it is very easy to store away out of sight when you aren’t using it, but it still appears sturdy enough to inspire confidence in its ability to stand the test of time and a lot of use.

If you don’t want it to be sitting around the house when not in use then it should be easy enough to find somewhere to store it out of sight.

mirafit vibration power plates

The fact that it is such a light and portable device is clearly a plus point for most of us who want to work out conveniently at home. However, the potential drawback here is that you might prefer a bigger machine that gives you more room to try out different types of exercise while you are using it.


Among the most useful features on this MiraFit vibration power plates machine, we can find a built in display that shows you the time you have spent working out, the current speed setting and the program.

There is an impressive range of 99 speed levels, which means that you can set it to exactly the right level for your needs and fitness level. To make it even easier to get started, you can use one of the 9 pre-set programs to get going in style.

There are also 3 different foot positions, letting you choose an exercise that mimics walking, jogging or running as you prefer. All of these different settings mean that you can keep your exercising fun for longer by varying what you do each time.

A wireless remote control is included, so it is very easy to change the settings during the session if you want to. This means that you don’t need to try and bend down to change the controls manually while the machine is in operation.


  • Small and convenient to use
  • Easy to get started with
  • Good value price
  • Very quiet


  • Some people may prefer use a bigger machine with more exercising space


If you are looking to get started with the vibration plates method of working out then the MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine is an excellent, low cost way of making a start. Once you start using this device you should start to see the positive effects on your health and fitness pretty much right way.

With an affordable price tag and a high degree of flexibility in its use, it is easy to see why so many people have given this exercise device glowing reviews online.

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ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate Crazy Fit Massage Exercise Machine Oscillating Platform Review

With this ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate machine, working out at home is about to get easier and a lot more enjoyable for you to do.

Vibration plates are now hugely popular machines that are to be found in gyms throughout the world. Yet, it is only with the recent appearance of compact home devices like this one that many more people are now able to enjoy the multiple benefits of working out in this way.

This is a good value vibration plates machine that is ideal for someone who wants to try out this exercise approach for the first time without committing too much money to it. It is easy to get going with and is likely to add a lot of fun to your workouts in the future too.

reasejoy 500w vibration plate

What It Looks Like

This is one of the smaller vibrating plates machines on the market just now. What this means is that it is the sort of small and highly portable device that it is easy to fit into any type of home and lifestyle.

The dimensions are 68 x 38 x 14 cm and it weighs just 18kgs. The ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate machine also comes in different colours, so that you can choose the one that best suits your style and the room where you are going to use it most often.

As is common with these compact vibration plates, you do sacrifice a little bit of working out space in order to get a highly convenient approach. This just means that you need to be quite creative if you want to incorporate other types of exercise into your routine rather than simply standing still and vibrating.

Overall, it is an attractive machine that could fit in easily to just about sort of house. Even if you stay in a small apartment you should find that it is easy to use this machine and then to find a small space somewhere in which you can store it away until the next time it is needed.


With a 500W high performance motor, you don’t need to worry about whether this device may lack the power you need for your workout.

The flexibility that you need for a varied and enjoyable workout each time comes in the form of 99 different speed levels that you can choose from. The maximum user weight it can handle is 150kgs.

A more technical detail that advanced users may be interested in is the amplitude. This is the height difference between the machine’s highest and lowest points and in this device it works out as 12mm.

The package also comes with a handy remote control, a user manual and a couple of resistance bands.


  • Good value
  • Light and portable
  • Simple to operate
  • Nice appearance


  • Not all reviewers are impressed by the instructions that are included


Getting started on useful and productive exercising routines at home is now simpler to do than ever before. This ReaseJoy 500W Vibration Plate machine is ideal for helping you to lose weight and feel stronger without having to even set foot in a gym.

No matter how much space you have in your house, this device is small and handy enough that you can enjoy a comprehensive workout every single time. It is also easy enough to operate that you will soon be able to get into the swing of things and start using it effectively.

Whether you are fed up paying for gym membership or just want a better way of exercising at home, this is a clever purchase that will let you make the most of your spare time to look and feel better in comfort.


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Rocket Bunny Vibration Power Plate Machine ® 2017 Model Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Power Plate Machine Review

The concept of working out at home has been revolutionised in recent years thanks to the appearance of machines such as this slick Rocket Bunny vibration power plate machine.

This is an incredibly easy way of getting stronger or of losing weight if that is your main priority. If you are looking to try out vibration plates for the very first time in your life then this is a great machine for getting going on.

You will soon start to feel the benefits as this powerful way of working out gives you added strength and flexibility while you lose weight too. It really is one of the simplest ways of getting good exercise at home that you will find on the market just now.

What Rocket Bunny Vibration Power Plate Machine Looks Like

There is no doubt that this is one of the most attractive of the compact home vibration plates models on the market just now. It looks slick and modern, which makes it a terrific addition to ant type of home.

It is also highly lightweight and portable, with the length coming in at 57.2cm and the width at 33cm. If you want to work out at home then this is an option that is stylish as well as practical.

rocket bunny vibration power plate machine

With such a small surface area, it is incredibly easy to store this machine wherever you want to keep it when it isn’t being used. The downside to this is that you might find that the surface area is a bit too cramped for you to carry out all of the different exercises that you would like to do.


This is a nicely versatile vibration plates device that has all of the main features that you would like to see in one of these workout machines. For a start, it is easy to set the different levels on it.

The remote control makes it very easy to use and the 1000W motor means that it has the power needed to give you an intense workout every time. If you are comfortable bending over to change the controls instead of using the remote control then you will find that the touch sensitive control panel is very easy to get the hang of.

In terms of customising the workout, there are 30 speed levels to choose from and an amplitude of 9mm. A very useful addition to the package is a set of elasticated power cords that give you a powerful arm and chest workout in a matter of just a few minutes.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Great to look at and easy to store
  • Fun to use
  • Nice and quiet to use


  • Doesn’t have quite the same wide range of settings and speed levels as some models in this price category


Working out at home is going to be far more of a pleasure than a chore once you give the Rocket Bunny® 2017 vibration plates machine a try. It offers a fun and highly effective way of getting fitter and stronger that you will love.

It is also one of the most visually attractive vibrating plates models around, meaning that it is the sort of fantastic machine that looks perfect in any room and that will let you enjoy a healthier lifestyle without any fuss.

Given its low price tag, you might think that this is one of the best investments that you ever make. Certainly, if it provides you with the key to a better lifestyle and a better body then you will be delighted that you choose this model.

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Rocket Bunny Vibration Machine – Round ® Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Power Plate Machine Review

The latest trend for using vibration plates machines to work out has led to some exciting models being produced for home use. In the case of this Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Power Plate device, it is the sort of machine that can fit into any kind of lifestyle with ease.

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym but don’t have a lot of space for working out at home either then this is a clever solution that gives you the best of both worlds. You can now get a professional and highly efficient workout routine started at home that makes you feel fantastic in little time.

Vibration plates are now highly regarded for the way that they offer a method of exercising that is fast and hugely effective. If finding the time to work out well has been a problem for you lately then this is a device that you will love using, as it makes exercising fast and fun.

What Rocket Bunny Vibration Machine Looks Like

This is one of the most compact vibration plates models around just now. It is the sort of device that anyone should be able to find some space for in their house.

rocket bunny vibration machine

With a sturdy and professional appearance, this is exactly the sort of exercise machine that inspires confidence that it will do a tremendous job for you and last for years to come. The portable nature of the machine means that you may feel comfortable moving it from one room to another to use, although it is just a little bit heavier than it looks.

All in all, it is an exercise device that will add to your home’s appeal rather than take away from it like some machines might do.


One of the key features to look for in this sort of home exercise device is the flexibility and range of features that it offers you. In that respect, the Rocket Bunny® Crazy Fit Massage Vibration Power Plate machine is well worth looking at.

With a 1000W motor and 30 speed levels, this is strong enough to handle your exercise needs and keep you in the best shape of your life.

The rugged build gives a non-slip platform for you to stand on with confidence. Interestingly, this model also comes with spring power cords to help you on those occasions when you want to focus on your arms and chest.

Perhaps the outstanding feature with this model is that it comes with a new one touch watch. This is a simple and very convenient way of controlling the settings and the intensity of your workouts without any fuss.

You get an instruction manual with this vibration plates machines, so that you can get started very quickly with it. Users weighing up to 120kgs can use it.


  • Smart design
  • A one touch watch makes it easy to control
  • Great fun
  • Easy to store even in small homes


  • Some alternative models have a wider range of speed settings to choose from


This Rocket Bunny vibration plates model is ideal for adding the genuine pleasure of exercising to your lifestyle. The compact size and ease of use make it simple to add to your home and use a few times a week.

The watch that comes with it make be a simple type of remote control but the truth is that it adds to the overall enjoyment to be gained from working out at home. If it helps you become more active and fitter then you will definitely feel that it was money well spent.

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Vibrapower Disc 2 Limited Edition Power Vibration Plate Review

Working out at home has never felt as smooth and effortless as it now does with the modern range of vibration plates models around. With so many to choose from, it can seem tricky to make a smart choice but the Vibrapower Disc 2 Limited Edition Power Vibration Plate is a solid model worth looking into.

This is classed as being ideal for beginners as well as for more advanced users. Certainly the 200W motor has more than enough power to keep even the most demanding fitness enthusiast working hard.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to get start with this machine, as it comes complete with an instruction manual and a good DVD too.

What Vibrapower Disc 2 Looks Like

Small and attractive, this round machine is sure to look good wherever you put it in the house. When you aren’t using it then you should find it fairly easy to store it away under the bed or in a cupboard.

vibrapower disc 2

The exact dimensions are given as H 15 cm x W 62 cm x L 62 cm, so it is a nice, compact size that can be moved around easily. The two tone colour design is also striking and pleasant to look at.

Overall, it is the kind of exercise machine that can fit into any sort of house without looking out of place or taking up too much space. If you haven’t started working out at home because of a lack of space then this is a good choice of accessory to let you do so now without any problems.


With 20 speeds and the option of using either pre-set or manual mode, this device doesn’t have quite as many different settings as some of its rivals. However, it should be enough to keep most people happy anyway, as it offers a good level of variety and flexibility.

The Vibrapower Disc 2 stands out due to the fact that it comes with a nice range of useful accessories. These include a DVD, a remote control and 2 resistance bands as well. The DVD includes a series of 9 minute workouts to get you going.

It works using an oscillating platform that feels wonderful. Some people prefer this type of vibration plates machines while others feel happier with the type that just goes up and down.

120kg is maximum user weight that can be safely used on this machine. It comes complete with an instruction manual that will help you to get to grips with the more advanced features, although there is nothing all that difficult on it anyway.


  • Comprehensive package with useful DVD included
  • Easy to beginners to get started with
  • Look great
  • Can be stored just about anywhere


  • Experienced users may crave more speed settings eventually


If you are thinking about taking the first steps towards getting fitter and stronger at home then the Vibrapower Disc 2 Limited Edition Power Vibration Plate machine is going to be a big help in reaching this goal.

The ease of use is definitely one of the advantages offered by this smart device. The fact that it comes with an instruction manual and a DVD also helps new users to get started comfortably while learning the best ways of using it.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to be more active and healthier, there can be few simpler and more convenient ways of doing so right now. Add in the fact that it is great value and you can see why this is such a good way of exercising at home safely and effectively.

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ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer Review

The number of people looking to work out at home with a vibration plates machine is increasing all the time. Therefore, it is no surprise to see classy models such as the ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer hitting the market.

This is a small and efficient device that makes working out in the house far more of a pleasure that ever before. If you haven’t ever used the vibration plates method of exercising then you will be delighted to discover that this is simple and also pretty enjoyable too.

It isn’t the cheapest of the vibration plates options on sale right now but it is still a very reasonable price for something that could change your life for the better.

What It Looks Like

This is a small and compact machine that actually looks pretty fantastic. It is smaller than many of the machines you will see in the gym but bigger than many of the models around for home use.

While a lot of home vibration plates just have the platform for standing on, this one has handle bar and a display screen that sits closer to the user’s face and hands. This makes it easier and safer to use.

ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer

It weighs in at 28kg, so it isn’t a portable as some of its competitors and is likely to be something that you use in one room rather than moving about from one place to another. The overall size is 70 x 60 x 122 cm and the attractive colour scheme used in the design means that it will look great in your home.


The first point to mention here is that the 600W motor is a bit more powerful then you will find in many of other home vibration plate models. Yet, the ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer feels smooth and efficient as well as powerful.

The display screen gives you all of the information that you could possibly ask for, from time and speed to your pulse. It is also good to see that you can choose your speed from 50 different settings.

In addition, 3 built-in workout programs make it incredibly easy to get started on your very first time using this machine. Another benefit to be taken into account is that the motor is very quiet, so it isn’t going to give anyone in the house a sore head when you use it.

Reassuringly, there is also an anti-jamming and anti-static mechanisms included that makes it safe to use. It is worth bearing in mind that the maximum user weight is 120 kg.


  • Good-looking design and colour scheme
  • Wide range of features make it easy and interesting to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quiet motor


  • Some people prefer a lighter and more portable vibration plates option


This is clearly an excellent choice of exercise machine for a lot of people. The fact that it is bigger and has a wider range of features than many of its competitors means that it is great fun to use, while also bringing positive results.

In terms of the cost, it is a little bit higher than most of the cheapest alternatives around just now. However, the bigger size and the quality of the construction make it seem well worth paying a small amount of extra money for.

This is the sort of investment that could have you feeling happier and fitter for years to come. If you feel that the time is right to do something about getting stronger or losing weight then this is the kind of exercise machine that makes a lot of sense.

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JTX 6000 High Power Vibration & Oscillation Plate



You could be forgiven for thinking that some of the claims made about the JTX Fitness 600 high power vibration and oscillation plate exercise machine and others like it, are far-fetched sales patter to say the least.  However, the claim that this kind of machine can exercise almost all of the muscle groups in your body, without needing any serious level of exertion has been proven time and time again to be more fact than fiction.

Because of the above and the way the machine works, the vibration plate has been called a passive form of exercise.  Many health and fitness experts agree that vibration exercise has great benefits for the user, with some of the results from test workouts exceeding traditional forms of workout (particularly when it comes to improvements in bone circulation and bone density).

Jtx vibration plate

The JTX 6000 manufactured by JTX Fitness is one of the most widely available, well known and popular vibration plates on the market, but is it as good as people say it is?

Peek Power Rating Of 4000 Watts For Strong Vibrations And Oscillations

As the JTX Fitness uses two forms of vibration training, there are 2 different power ratings.  On the vibration side of things, it provides a total of 500 watts of power; while for the osculation functionality, it provides 2000 Watts of power, with an overall power rating of 4000 Watts.  This exercise tool is therefore able to efficiently and safely operate with a maximum of 160 kg onboard.

Two Types Of Vibration

Something that makes this vibration plate from JTX Fitness stand out from the sea of very similar vibration machines, is the fact it offers you not just one, but two forms of vibration training in one machine – vibration and oscillation.

Vibration training involves high speed vibrations for massage, strength and toning and oscillation training for body fat reduction, reducing cellulite and overall weight loss.  You have the option to make use of one or the other, depending on what you are working on each routine, or if you want to experience a truly high intensity workout that will give you the quickest results, you can combine both the oscillation and vibration in the same workout.

Slick Design, High Quality Materials And Robust Construction

JTX Fitness have ensured that their product is built from durable and robust materials, to provide users with a sturdy machine.  It is safe for seniors to use and anyone who normally has trouble participating in intense workouts due to injuries and weaknesses.  Because it requires very little exertion to use it can actually help you if you are suffering from stiffness and/or pain.

Comes Equipped With 8 Preset Workout Programmes And 198 Vibration Speed Settings

Obviously we each have different levels of physical fitness and strength and JTX Fitness have been careful to take that into consideration when designing this vibration and oscillation exercise plate.  There is therefore, a amazing 198 different speed settings that allows you to adjust the speed of the vibrations and oscillations to meet your own personal level of strength and fitness.  If you are just starting to use this form of exercise after a long period of no physical activity or have never really participated in a focused form of exercise – you can start off on a very slow level and alter it as you become more comfortable and able.

There is also 8 pre-programmed workouts to choose from that will save you time faffing around with the controls if you are just looking to get on and exercise.

Easy To Use Control Panel And LCD Display Monitor

As is almost the standard these days with home gym equipment, the JTX Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate features a very easy to operate control panel and very clear LCD display monitor.  You can use the control panel to adjust the speed of the vibration and the oscillation as well as the duration of your workout.  You can also select the previously mentioned 8 different training programmes from this module.

A LCD display is essential if you are serious about your training as it enables you to keep track of your progress.


  • Straps for arm toning
  • Vibration plate DVD
  • Workout poster
  • Personal trainer vibration training plan with phone support


The JTX high power vibration and oscillation plate is not the smallest or lightest on the market and measures at a width of 75 cm by a depth of 75 cm and a height of 143 cm.


  • Made from robust and sturdy materials
  • Suitable for a maximum weight of 160 kg
  • Powerful motor with a peak power rating of 4000 Watts that is also incredibly quiet.
  • 2 types of training – vibration and oscillation
  • 198 different speed settings
  • 8 preset workout programmes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to setup


  • It is very big and very heavy (this is the downside to it being able to carry a maximum of 160 Kg)
  • Not foldable and can’t be easily stored away when not in use

Customer Opinions

Using the online reviews left by customers who have actually used a product, such as this JTX Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate, is always a good idea as it gives you a clear look at the good points and bad points.  It’s clear that a large majority of users of this vibration and oscillation plate had very positive experiences, as it has notched up over 20 reviews awarding it the full 5 star rating on Amazon UK.  One customer for instance, commented that he and his wife had both seen definite results from using it and always felt great after their 10 minute sessions on the machine.  In fact, after just 3 weeks using it, his wife had already lost several pounds.

Other customers also experienced positive results from using the machine.  It was not just the actual benefits that received high praise, but the actual design and sturdiness despite being big and heavy, also was commended.  As too was JTX Fitness’s customer service team.


To conclude this review it is worth taking a moment to review all of the above.  The JTC Fitness high power vibration and oscillation plate promises a high intensity workout suitable for users of all levels of fitness and appears to actually deliver just that.  Although it is larger, heavier and less compact than a lot of other machines on the market, the upside of this is that it has a larger maximum weight capacity.

Looking at the customer reviews, the manufacturer’s information and the price, if you are in the market for a high powered machine that will give you the high intensity workout you desire, the JTX Fitness vibration and oscillation plate could be just what you need.


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EMER Crazy Fit Massage with Touch Panel, Slim Full Body Vibration Plate Fitness Machine Silent Drive Motor


It could be argued that vibration plate exercise machines are one of the greatest and most important innovations in home gym equipment.  They are both a simple and effective way to help push your workout to the next level, increasing the number of calories you burn which in turn increases your weight loss, while increasing the size and toning of your muscles.  One of the most impressive things about this type of exercise tool is despite the fact you put your body through a tougher more focused workout session, it requires far less exertion than any other form of exercise and you don’t even have to spend much time doing it.  10 minutes a session is often what people opt for.

The full body vibration platform fitness machine from Emer is a vibration exercise machine we have decided to highlight.  Although it has a more simplistic design than a lot of the other machines on the market, we will look at some of the reasons why you would be wrong to quickly dismiss it.

Oscillates As Well As Vibrates

As well as vibrating in the normal way most of these vibration plate machines do, this machine also oscillates.  Oscillation machines are designed and built to help with body toning, cellulite reduction and of course, losing weight.  They can also help to boost your metabolic rate and improve your blood circulation – all without breaking much of a sweat.  As this all in turn enhances the body’s natural production of collagen, you will start to look younger and healthier using this piece of exercise kit.

Multiple Vibration Speeds And Oscillation Speeds

Emer know how vital it is for there to be a variety of options when it comes to home exercise equipment.  With their vibration plate they have provided users with 20 different vibration speed levels and rotation speed between 820 rpm and 3600 rpm.  This gives you the opportunity to fine tune and tailor the intensity of your workouts to match your own fitness levels and abilities.

Emer crazy fit vibration plate

There is even the option to run an automatic programme that increases the vibration speed every 2 minutes, if you are looking for something hands free that will gradually become more challenging the longer you participate.

Sturdy And Compact

Among the many great things about this Emer vibration plate, one of the greatest is the design and just how compact and sturdy it is.  Due to its very low profile, it is very stable and with a strong suction cup on each foot it helps the platform to grip at the floor and stay stationary, regardless of how fast it is vibrating.  With a texturised, rubber top you never have to fear of slipping or sliding off the plate while exercising.

Features Large LED Screen And Easy To Operate Controls

As well as ensuring the platform is effective, efficient and safe to use, Emer have also done all they could to make it as easy to operate as possible.  There is a large and clear LED display screen that features 6 large buttons that give you full control over the machine.  You can use these buttons to turn the machine on and off, set the time using two different buttons (one to increase time, the other to decrease time), adjust the mode between manual and automatic, and to adjust the strength and speed of the vibrations.  They have also included with it a remote control so you can alter the settings even when you are standing up or in that intricate yoga or Pilates pose.


  • Handy remote control to allow you to change settings while standing or positioned out of reach from the control panel
  • Instruction manual


A small and compact piece of exercise equipment, the Emer full body vibration platform fitness machine measures at a length of 65 cm by a width of 40 cm by a height of 14 cm.


  • Compact and robust design and construction
  • 20 different vibration speed settings
  • 2 different modes
  • Can give great results with only 10 minutes of regular use
  • Instruction manual includes a variety of low-impact exercises and poses to help you get best out of the machine


Customer Opinions

Usually the best thing to do when purchasing products from the internet, particularly when you are looking to spend hundreds of £’s of your hard earned money on exercise equipment for your home.  Unfortunately, when it comes to this entry into the vibration plate market from Emer, there is very little to go on from customers.  It has been reviewed by a total of two people on Amazon UK and both reviews tell of two wildly different experiences.  Whereas one customer complains about the fact their remote broke and they are not sure what they can do to get a replacement, the other reviewer has stated that they are more than delighted with the product and glad they invested in it.

Although this doesn’t leave you a lot to go on if you are looking for something reliable to purchase, there is one aspect that you should consider – the price.  A large majority of vibration plate machines often retail for hundreds of pounds, whereas this model from Emer doesn’t even break the £100 mark.  While the price isn’t something you want to base your decision on, as one of the cheapest machines on the market it would be foolish to overlook it completely.


Looking at all of the above, if the Emer Full Body Vibration Platform fitness machine is as good as the manufacturer says it is, you might be on to a real bargain.  However, be aware of the incredibly low number of reviews that have been submitted regarding it.  The range of settings, features, the compact design and build and the price all at least make this a tantalising offer.


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