Big Oscillating Massage Machine 1000-2500W Rocket Bunny

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Working out has been revolutionized over the past years, thanks to sleek fitness equipment innovations like this Massage Vibration Power Plate.

If your main objective is losing weight or becoming stronger, then this vibration plate model is your best choice. You don’t have to feel nervous either if this is your first time to try this latest fitness buzz because the Massage Vibration Power Plate is pretty easy to use.

Imagine not having to go to the gym anymore and pay those membership fees plus the transportation costs you get to save. You can simply enjoy this vibration plate while at the comfort of your home – when you wake up, once you’re back from work, or any time of the day if you are a stay-at-home person. It won’t take long for you to feel the awesome benefits of this machine as you get to gain more flexibility and added strength upon regular use of it.

How Big Oscillating Massage Machine 1000-2500W Rocket Bunny Works

I suppose that you have an idea about how vibration plates work. The Massage Vibration Power Plate is just the same. Its power in fat-burning and body-toning comes from the varying speed of vibrations that you have the option to select. These vibrations causes the user’s muscles to contract very rapidly, working out about 95% of a person’s total muscle mass.

Best Massage Vibration Power Plate 2017

With a lot of models available under thBig Oscillating Massage Machine 1000-2500W Rocket Bunnye compact home vibration plates in the market today, the Massage Vibration Power Plate is your best pick. Besides looking stylish and modern, it got all the key features you would like to see in a gym equipment. Starters can pretty much navigate the controls themselves and enjoy the slimming powers of it.

It comes in 30 speed levels with 5 pre-set workout programs that you can try right away. It is constructed from high-quality metal and built with anti-slip platform is you’re concerned about losing your balance on it. An elasticated pair of power cord is also included in the package for addition arm and chest workout.



Only requires a small surface

The Massage Vibration Power Plate is really compact and lightweight, you can place it anywhere in the house or bring it for use in your office. It has a dimension of 66 x 42 x 14 cm.

Provides value for your money

It is very affordable yet powerful in terms of helping you achieve your fitness goals. It also comes in FREE shipping for UK residents.

Easy and very comfortable to use

You won’t have a headache operating the machine because it is very easy to use plus the anti-slip platform makes your workout comfortable.

Doesn’t make noise

Another favourite thing about it is that it does its purpose silently so you can exercise in your bedroom while everyone’s still asleep.


The Massage Vibration Power Plate has limited speed levels compared to other models within this price range. Its settings are quite narrow too.


This vibration plate offers a fun new way of getting fit without having to leave home so you can always do your daily workout. It’s stylish appearance and compact make also wonderfully complement the beauty of any house, and can even qualify as a lovely piece of home essentials. Given its affordable price tag, the Massage Vibration Power Plate is truly one of the best investments you can have for yourself.

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