AMDirect Fitness and Body Toning Mini Vibro Power Plate Machine, Built-in USB Music Player with 180 Gears in Mini Size for Better Fitness

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A well toned body is what everybody is trying to achieve. It can be very tricky to look for a vibration plate that suits your needs. If you are after full body toning and cellulite reduction while enjoying your background music, AMDirect Fitness and Body Toning Machine is a good choice for you.

Talking about competency in the market, the AMDirect Fitness and Body Toning Machine is fairly competitive. The price is not the cheapest however it is in a fair enough value. This brand caters both outdoor activity machines and exercising machines so no wonder their launch of this fitness vibration power machine is getting into a good forward step. Not only it focuses on the physical attributes of the body, it is also after promoting better health through the use of vibrations of the power plates.

AMDirect Mini Fitness Vibro Power Plate Machine

Target Areas and Health Benefits

Although this AMDirect Fitness and Body Toning is a mini power plate, it has a very good target on the body fat concern areas specially on the lower extremities. Having that said, it helps work on the body’s gastrointestinal reaction which aids to clear up body waste. It also boosts and strengthens body organs through nerve flexes that are being aimed by the machine.

180 Speed Gears Range and Strong Massage Vibration

This machine works in a 180 Speed Gears Range which is good to adjust according to your body’s preference. The adjustable speed can work on a strong massage vibration that agitates better body weight loss and performs for a better body recovery helping the body to rehabilitate effectively.

Compact, Built in USB Speaker and Resistance Bands

This workout buddy is convenient to bring anywhere. If you are wanting to exercise in the middle of the day, on your spare time or if you want to sneak in a quick workout in the confines of your office, AMDirect Fitness and Body Toning is a mini power plate is very handy. It is 19.9 * 11.7 * 4.7 inch which is also designed for easy storage.

To make your workout fun and exciting, AMDirect Fitness and Body Toning also comes with a built-in USB Speaker so you can enjoy music while feeling the vibrations work on your body. It is also fitted with resistance bands that aids in toning your arms.


  • User instruction manual
  • 2 resistance bands
  • Remote Control


This vibration platform fitness machine fits in easily because the size is 19.9 inches by 11.7 inches by 4.7 inches. It eats up a little space in your storage.


  • Small and can easily bring anywhere
  • Weight capacity of 330lbs.
  • Speaker for exercising better with music
    Remote for better control while doing the work out


  • Thin and slick but may also need it’s own corner.
  • LED Screen can be too tiny to see characters
  • Comes in only two colors (red and black)

Customer Opinions

What better way to asses a product than to listen to people’s word of mouth. So far customer satisfaction about this product is okay. Because it is thin and small people take advantage of it’s convenience. Mostly those who are working and brings the product in their office gains the profit of having good exercise through this machine. From the customer reviews of Amazon, this product is highly recommended.


All in all, AMDirect Fitness and Body Toning Machine is perfect and recommended to those who are looking to work out and focus on body toning especially the thighs, calves, back and buttocks. Although it is small and compact, it is also handy and it promotes health by targeting lower body parts and focuses on improving body waste disposal like toxins. This product is a thumbs up.

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